Nail Art Pens for Colorful Fine Lines -  Madam Glam Art Pen Bundles

(Photo : Madam Glam / Art Pen Bundles)

Trends and innovation have always gone hand in hand, and the world of manicures is no exception, which is why more creative products such as nail art pens are some of the top-searched online. 

Nail Art Pens

With nail gurus constantly finding new ways to put designs on the tiny canvases on the tip of our fingers, it is getting either more challenging or more innovative.

Take a look at nail art pens. These genius nail care products can be used to sketch anything onto your fingernails. It is usually designed to look like a pen with its long body and pointed tip that rolls out the lacquer from inside, though new designs feature a felt tip.

The lacquer or nail polish used in nail art pens is formulated to be less sheer than normal nail polish and is most of the time opaque. It also dries faster, making it possible to doodle on nails that have already been coated once or twice and dried.

Here are some of the recommended nail art pens:

Madam Glam New York Art Pen Bundle | $20

Perfect for both nail art enthusiasts and beginners, these pens have a fine tip applicator for precise designs. Use them over gel polishes, rubber bases, builders, and regular polishes. Shake the pen and press the tip to activate. After applying your base color, create polka dots, swirls, flowers, or abstract patterns. Air dry for 10 to 20 seconds, then apply a top coat and cure.

Nails Inc. London Neon Mani Marker Nail Art Pen Trio | $10

Transform your nails into a canvas with these easy-to-use neon markers in pink, green, and white. Apply a base coat and two coats of polish, then press down the nib of the Neon Mani Marker Nail Art Pen Trio to activate. Create fun designs, then seal them with your favorite top coat. These vegan and cruelty-free pens are great for all skill levels and make a fun gift.

Hot Designs Nail Art Pens - Basic Beauty Colors | $15

With a two-in-one brush and pen, these squeezable nail art pens offer precise control for creating dots, lines, and intricate designs. Each pen has two colors, like red and green or blue and black. Brush on the base color, pop the top, and use the pen tip for creative designs. This product works for both manicures and pedicures.

Olive & June Nail Art Pens | $18

These double-sided nail art pens make DIY designs easy. With 7-free, long-lasting polish, create dots, hearts, stars, and flowers with the pen tip, and French tips, fine lines, and geometric designs with the striper brush. These pens are available in shades like bubblegum pink, cornflower blue, and rose gold metallic. Vegan and cruelty-free, they turn your mani into a masterpiece.