Dove whole body deos
Whole Body Deodorants
(Photo : Dove)

Personal care giant Dove has unveiled a range of whole body deodorants, aimed at providing comprehensive odor protection beyond traditional underarm solutions. 

The new Dove Whole Body Deodorants offer a versatile approach to freshness, targeting various external areas such as breasts, back, thighs, feet, and external intimate areas.

This new range includes two key formats: the Whole Body Deo Anti-Friction Stick in Coconut & Vanilla fragrance and the Whole Body Deo Invisible Cream, available in both Unscented and Coconut & Vanilla fragrance variants.

Crafted with dermatologist-approved formulas, these deodorants promise gentle care for the entire body while providing 72-hour odor protection.

The deodorants boast aluminum-free formulas enhanced with a combination of vitamins B3 and E, making them suitable for sensitive skin.

The Whole Body Deo Anti-Friction Stick is designed as a two-in-one solution that aims to combati both odor and friction. 

Available in a convenient stick format, it offers a tropical scent of coconut and vanilla, ensuring all-day freshness and smooth glide application wherever needed.

On the other hand, the Whole Body Deo Invisible Cream is a pH-balanced serum-infused deodorant cream, suitable for all-over use, including intimate areas. It provides effective odor protection while keeping the skin moisturized and comfortable.

With these new offerings, all priced at $11.99 each, Dove aims to empower individuals to confidently tackle their daily activities without worrying about unwanted odors. These products promise to redefine the standards of comprehensive freshness and comfort.

They are now available for purchase nationwide at major mass, food, and drug retailers.