Katy Perry
 Katy Perry attends the "American Idol" Season 22 Top 10 Event at The Aster on April 22, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo : Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Katy Perry wowed viewers Sunday on "American Idol's" Disney Night with a mesmerizing transformation as she sported a stunning blonde hair updo.

Having recently disclosed her choice to depart from the judging panel after seven seasons, Perry made her penultimate appearance on the show truly unforgettable with a Cinderella-inspired makeover on stage.

The live episode, broadcasted from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, featured the top five contestants showcasing their talents with iconic Disney songs.

But it was Perry's entrance that took center stage as she unveiled her platinum blonde locks, a departure from her signature brunette style.

As Perry graced the stage, she initially appeared in a pink modest dress. But with a swift pull of a ribbon, she spun into a magical sparkling bluish silver gown similar to Cinderella's, which perfectly complemented her blonde hair.

The audience erupted in cheers as Perry's Cinderella moment unfolded before their eyes.

Meanwhile, social media platforms buzzed with excitement as fans and viewers praised Perry's blonde transformation and her commitment to the Disney theme.

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Comments flooded in on the "Dark Horse" singer's Instagram post that features her princess-like transformation.

"I thought she was Katy Perry then I [recognize] she is her [laughing emojis]," a social media user commented.

"[I] was like, '[W]ow, this cosplayer looks like [K]aty [P]erry; [A]nd then [I] realized ['][O]h that is [K]aty [P]erry,'" another one wrote.

"Finally someone dressed like real Cinderella," a third person said.

Beyond her captivating appearance, the episode showcased exceptional performances from the "Idol" finalists mentored by Kane Brown, singing beloved tunes from the Disney Songbook.

With the competition heating up, viewers eagerly anticipate voting for their top three contestants to progress to the grand finale.