short hair

(Photo : Pexels/Vinícius Estevão)

As the summer sun shines brightly and temperatures rise, people find various ways to stay cool and comfortable. Many turn to light, breathable clothing or update their skincare routines to cope with the heat. However, there's another stylish and practical way to beat the summer heat: cutting your hair short.

While going short might seem like a bold decision, it can significantly reduce the discomfort caused by the heat and also offer a fresh, new look.

Here are some short hairstyle ideas to try out this summer:

1. Chopped Bob

(Photo : TikTok/hershesons)

A chopped bob, sitting just above your shoulders, is an excellent way to refresh your style while keeping cool. This haircut is simple yet transformative, which can offer a neat and chic look that can be easily managed.

The chopped bob is versatile as it suits various face shapes and hair types, making it a popular choice for those looking to try something new without going too extreme.

2. Tousled Asymmetrical Crop

(Photo : TikTok/emchenhair)

For those wanting to add a bit of edge to their summer hairstyle, the tousled asymmetrical crop is a fantastic option. This style features uneven lengths that create a dynamic and playful appearance, perfect for adding some flair to your look.

The tousled finish gives it a relaxed, effortless vibe, ideal for the casual, laid-back days of summer.

3. Blonde Pixie

(Photo : TikTok/manepursuit)

Nothing says bold like a blonde pixie cut. This daring hairstyle not only keeps you cool but also makes a strong fashion statement.

The pixie cut is known for its low maintenance and versatility, and when combined with a striking blonde color, it can really turn heads. This look is all about confidence and can bring out your features beautifully.

4. Short Beach Waves

(Photo : TikTok/.ashley.kay)

When it comes to embodying the essence of summer, short beach waves are the ultimate hairstyle. This look captures the carefree, sun-kissed spirit of beach days.

The waves add texture and volume, making your hair look fuller and more vibrant. It's a perfect style for those who want to embrace a natural, wavy look that's easy to maintain.

5. Short Curly Hair

(Photo : TikTok/aasian)

For those blessed with natural curls, short curly hair can be a dream come true during the summer months. This style highlights your curls while keeping them manageable and off your neck, which is a relief in the heat.

Short curly hair can be playful and fun, giving you a bouncy and lively look that's perfect for summer adventures