Summertime Essentials for 'Malepolish'

(Photo : Pexels / Megan Ruth)

Malepolish is on the rise just in time for summertime, and here are a few essentials.

About Malepolish

Men have been wearing nail polish since 3,200 BC. In ancient Babylonia, different colors signified different classes, with warriors and leaders opting for darker colors. In China and Egypt, nail varnish was a symbol of higher status. However, the trend faded, and by the 1800s, nail polish was primarily associated with women's cleanliness. It wasn't until the counterculture movement of the 20th century that male nail polish saw a resurgence, with artists like Iggy Pop and David Bowie flaunting painted nails as a form of rebellion.

Summertime Essentials for Malepolish

When we say malepolish, we expect to see men using nail polish. However more than just donning the colors on their nails, some of these essentials are designed by men.

UN/DN LAQR Good Kind of Emo Kit by MGK

Get that edgy look with this kit featuring six shades from pink to metallic silver. Complete with two nail brushes, it is all you need for a unique style. For best results, apply a base layer, followed by two to three layers of your chosen polish. Finish with a top/bottom coat and quick-dry drops. The set goes for $78.

Faculty Bundle Nail Kit

This kit offers smooth, quick-drying nail polish and stickers for self-expression. The lacquer comes in colors like Fader and Power. Each order, at $38, includes three bottles for restoring and protecting nails. Vitamins B5 and E improve flexibility and reduce brittleness, while botanicals promote healthier nails. Apply a base layer, two or three layers of polish, and then a top coat.

Le FLEUR x Humanrace Nail Polish

A collaboration between Pharrell Williams and Tyler, the Creator, this $25 nail polish comes in a signature green color. Le FLEUR x Humanrace Nail Polish offers a solid gloss finish and is cruelty-free. 

Zoya Men's Starter Manicure Kit

Specifically designed for men, the Men's Starter Manicure Kit by Zoya includes a naked base, perfector, and satin seal to restore and protect nails. It contains vitamins and botanicals for healthier nails. 


Male nail polish has a rich history and is now a fashionable trend. With the right products and application techniques, anyone can rock a fresh nail look this summer.