Summertime Nail Ideas for Your Feet

(Photo : Buy Me A Coffee / Qurrious Peach)

It's summertime or, as some would call it, sandals season -- the perfect time for the cutest nail ideas for your feet!

Summertime Toenail Art Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your toenail designs, especially if you are heading to the beach. Think bright colors, fun patterns, and summer-themed designs like flowers and waves. Despite the focus on manicures, there is a growing interest in pedicure ideas, showing that people are keen to give their toes some attention too. So, prep your feet, choose a shape, and pick a vibrant color and design from the list below to show off your summer spirit right down to your toes!

1. Big Toe Floral

Floral nails are an excellent choice for summer, offering a playful and customizable look. Pairing lemon yellow with coral or violet can create a vibrant color block effect, perfect for the season. Try JINsoon Nail Polish in Tweety and Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Mirage for a fun and edgy style.

2. Ocean Nails

For a vintage yet futuristic vibe, consider a full coverage, opaque shade with a silvery shimmer. Colors like Orosa Pure Cover Nail Paint in Splash and OPI Nail Lacquer in Happy Anniversary achieve this look beautifully, adding a touch of elegance to your toes.

3. Pastel Toes

Soft pastel nail colors like baby pink, mint green, or soft lemon are ideal for a beachy summer vibe. These shades bring a fresh and fun feel to your nails, perfect for relaxing days by the sea. Consider trying ORLY Nail Lacquer in Lilac You Mean It for a trendy lilac shade.

4. Bejeweled Blues

Cobalt blue is a vibrant yet neutral choice for summer, adding a pop of color without being too neon. ILNP Nail Polish in Midnight Kiss offers a shimmery azure option. Add some gems, rhinestones, charms, and you're good to go!

5. Cherry Toenails

Cherry nail designs add a charming touch to your summer look. A clean, primary red pedicure is versatile and suits any occasion, from outdoor weddings to beach bonfires. Gucci Vernis Ongles Nail Polish in Goldie Red and Emile Heathe Nail Artist Polish in The Perfect Red are great options for achieving the classic red shade of cherries.