Men's Body Powder Choices for an After-Gym Routine

(Photo : Pexels / Cesar Galeão )

Men's after-gym routines won't be complete without body powder that helps absorb sweat.

Men's Body Powder Choices

Body powder is a savior after a sweaty gym session, preventing stickiness and chafing. It helps avoid skin irritations, jock itch, and athlete's foot caused by excess sweat and bacteria buildup. A good body powder soaks up sweat without harmful chemicals, keeping you fresh and dry. Explore the list below for the top choices for men's body powders to stay comfortable and fresh throughout the day.

Grooming Lounge Super Powder

This talc-based powder is a game-changer for staying fresh and dry all day. It absorbs sweat and reduces friction, keeping odors, itchiness, and stickiness at bay. Use it on your chest, backside, feet, and private areas for a comfortable, fresh feeling. The light talcum scent is gentle yet effective, and the powder is aluminum and alcohol-free. Apply Grooming Lounge Super Powder after showering or whenever you need to feel refreshed. Price: $22.

Gold Bond Men's Essentials Body Powder

Gold Bond Men's Essentials Body Powder in Refresh 360° scent is talc-free and absorbs moisture, keeping you cool and dry. The unique triple-action formula refreshes and helps control body odor. It is fit for use before work, physical activity, or after showering. Formulated with cornstarch, this powder boasts enhanced absorbency and uniform particles, ensuring a silky-smooth, velvety texture. Price: $8.

Pete & Pedro Powder

Say goodbye to sweaty balls, swamp butt, and stinky feet with Pete & Pedro Powder. This powder keeps your sensitive areas dry and fresh, eliminating odors and irritation. Whether you are working out or just need everyday freshness, this powder has you covered, making it a must-have for every man's after-gym grooming routine. 

Brickell Men's Products Stay Fresh Body Powder

Brickell Men's Products Stay Fresh Body Powder offers natural and organic talc-free freshness. It absorbs sweat, keeps your skin dry, and is scented for a refreshing experience. Suitable for all skin types, this powder uses cornstarch to dry sweat and perspiration, while aloe vera hydrates and soothes the skin. Pro vitamin B5 protects and heals the skin, making it ideal for workouts and daily use.