Daily Hydrating Wash for Men with Oily Skin

(Photo : Pexels / Ron Lach)

Combat post-workout breakouts and excess oil with specialized face washes for men. 

Battling Oily Skin

Sweat and shared equipment can lead to acne, but these products can help. Men's skin tends to be oilier and thicker, requiring ingredients like salicylic or glycolic acid. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type and preferences for a clearer, balanced complexion.

Fresh Soy Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser ($39)

Fresh Soy Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser is a non-stripping formula that removes makeup and impurities while softening, hydrating, and balancing all skin types. Key ingredients include soy proteins, cucumber extract, and aloe vera, known for improving skin elasticity, cooling and calming the skin, and soothing and hydrating the skin, respectively. Fresh Soy recommends wetting your skin, massaging the cleanser on your face, and rinsing.

Dermalogica Active Clay Prebiotic Cleanser ($45)

Dermalogica Active Clay Prebiotic Cleanser diminishes the look of pores and oily skin, leaving skin clean, hydrated, and healthy. Suitable for all skin types, it features kaolin clay to absorb excess oil and exfoliate, activated binchotan charcoal to remove impurities and minimize pores, and murumuru seed for nutrients and protection. Use morning and evening, gently massaging onto damp face and neck, then rinsing with warm water.

Pai Phaze PHA Clarifying Face Wash ($39)

Pai Phaze PHA Clarifying Face Wash is a foaming cleanser designed for blemish-prone, congested, and dull skin, including sensitive types. It contains polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) to unclog pores, strengthen the skin barrier, and hydrate. Certified natural and clinically proven for sensitive skin, it clears pores, prevents breakouts, and hydrates. Apply a small amount to damp skin, massage into a lather, and rinse thoroughly.

Anua Heartleaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam ($13)

Anua Heartleaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam is suitable for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin. It creates a light foam infused with heartleaf extract for gentle deep cleansing. Key ingredients include heartleaf powder, quercetinol, and 0.5% salicylic acid (BHA) for exfoliating skin, calming inflammation, and controlling sebum production. It leaves skin refreshed and hydrated. Massage onto damp skin, lather, and rinse thoroughly.