face makeup palettesCredit : Pexels/Sobia Akhtar

Beauty is a fast-paced industry. Products are released daily, trends become viral by the minute, and routines shrink to save us time and space in our equally small handbags. All that is to say the recent return of face makeup palettes is less than surprising. Today, makeup is about being creative and convenient. For example, how can you get the most out of one product and make a travel-friendly item work for every look on your trip? 

These goals have led to the boom of stick and wand products. Quick and easy, they can be used all over the face before being thrown into your bag for quick touchups throughout the day. While they have certainly been a game-changer, face palettes have led the way for years. In short, they're a do-it-all in one compact and are quietly taking back their spot in beauty. Below, we explore their benefits, upgrades, and why they're quickly becoming a makeup staple (again).

What are face makeup palettes?

Considered a staple for professional makeup artists, face palettes are the ultimate convenience. Most palettes hold several complexion shades for creating a base, covering imperfections, and contouring the face. They also include various blush shades that can be used separately or combined for an intense finish. Instead of having to volley between bottles and compacts, the face palette makes application easy and, most importantly, quick.

How have face makeup palettes evolved?

Remember those oversized palettes that ruled the industry in the 2000s? At the time, it seemed every brand and content creator had a secret mission to make the largest palette around. While the larger-than-life palettes did offer an endless amount of options, they weren't very convenient. With that in mind, size may be one of the most prominent changes to today's face palettes. Like a foundation stick or petite cream blush, smaller is definitely in. The compact size is not just about being travel-friendly; it also allows for quick touchups, even when your fingers are the tools.

But perhaps the biggest upgrade these makeup staples have received is in the formula department. Convenience is one thing, but enriched formulas that work with your skin are game-changing -- think vitamin E and plant botanicals that moisturize and control oil. While powder formulations are still popular, cream face palettes are perfect for beginners and veteran makeup artists. Contouring isn't the easiest skill to perfect, but with a face palette, you don't have to be a professional to get a sculpted look. With a range of colors, you can easily shape your face, using a light hand or building up for a full-coverage look.