spring hair colorsCredit : Pexels/Lany-Jade Mondou

Blonde hair is having a major moment right now. From Rihanna's butter-toned strands to Beyoncé's creamy Chantilly hue, it's clearly en vogue to be blonde. But while golden locks have their appeal, they're not for everyone. Between high-maintenance routines and frequent salon trips, going blonde can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there are loads of other shades to spring for if the light hue just isn't for you. If you're ready for a new look, these trendy hair colors are a fresh option.

Cherry Cola

You may have noticed the uptick in cherry cola looks on your social media feeds. Over the past year, the bold hue has become one of the most beloved in fashion and beauty. The look embraces deep burgundy and rich espresso tones to create an alluring mix. However, the blending of the colors is what makes this such a statement shade. Getting the hue just right requires a good colorist, so be sure to do your research before heading to the salon.


If you like the blonde look but aren't ready for the full-color commitment, caramel is a good alternative. The hue, a rich brunette, is lifted by caramel colors like gold, copper, and rust. It also works well on several skin tones and is especially appealing for deeper complexions. But longevity and maintenance are the elements that make caramel the most attractive. Not only does it transition well between seasons, but it also grows out smoothly, so frequent touchups aren't a necessity.


Yes, copper hair is still going strong. Moving into the warmer months, the hue is poised to be just as big. Like blonde, it offers a spectrum of shades, ranging from light strawberry to rich russets. Unfortunately, this also means copper can get more than a little high maintenance. Working with a colorist and stylist who's comfortable with your hair's texture and needs will ensure that you end up with a hue you love.

Chocolate Brown

Brunette shades are just as timeless and versatile as blondes. If you're not looking for a dramatic change, a chocolate brown color is a great option. It offers a glossy finish and plays well with other hues, just in case you want to spice things up with highlights.


Consider this the ultimate blended hue. A mix of red, brown, and golden tones, it has a toasted feel that's stunning year-round. This shade also has a lot of range, depending on how you choose to wear it. Maximalists can opt for a brighter version that leans into the bold copper tones for a spiced look. There's even an option for those who prefer a subtler look. A softer variation will have more of a burnished appearance and an effortless feel.