roller hairstylesCredit : Pexels/Vika Kirillova

There's no denying the appeal of a cool new haircut or color. But if you're looking for a more chic and subtle way to change up your look, roller-set hairstyles are the way to go.

Big, bold, voluminous curls have been trending in the beauty space for good reason. Not only are they easy to achieve and maintain, but they're also ideal for every length and texture.

The beauty of these hairstyles lies in their simplicity. With a set of rollers and a few styling products for shine and hold, you can easily transform your look. Even better? Roller sets give your hair a much-needed break from tools like flat irons and brushes, which can put extra stress on your strands. The internet is brimming with inspiration, from short, curled bobs to long, luscious layers.

If you have been on the fence about trying a roller-set hairstyle, consider the suggestions below your cue to try it.

Short Hair

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Curls can be intimidating on short hair. But if you embrace them fully, you won't be disappointed. This look isn't about precision. Instead, it relies on small rollers for tighter curls and light tousling to shift them into place.

Medium-Length Hair

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Shoulder-sweeping locks are perfect for rollers. For starters, they have just enough length to create body without making the hair look bulky. The key here is to create balance. Larger-sized rollers are ideal for adding volume, but they should be used sparingly. Instead of placing them all over, use one or two at the crown of the head and the others to curl the ends.

Long Hair

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Rollers are the key to getting '90s supermodel hair, à la Cindy Crawford. With longer locks, you'll need to use several large rollers all over the head. But if you want the full effect, try using a velcro style, which will add a bit of texture to the final look.