Makeup Revolution Bright Light Drops. Credit : Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution, known for its affordable makeup innovations, has released its latest product, the Bright Light Drops.

These drops -- available in four shades, including two bronzers, a blush, and a highlighter -- promise to give an instant sun-kissed glow without any glitter.

The Bright Light Bronzing Drops are available in the shades Scorched for lighter/medium skin tones and Spice for deeper skin tones. The Bright Light Blush Drops are available in the shade Pink Rosie, while the Bright Light Glow Drops come in the shade Golden Star Dew.

They are now available on, and will soon be available on (June 2) and (July 2).

The Bright Light Bronzing Drops have received positive feedback for their ability to add radiance to the skin without looking heavy.

In a recent trial with 42 users over two weeks, 91% agreed that their skin looked instantly sun-kissed, 89% felt it looked illuminated, and 85% experienced improved hydration.

The appeal of the Bright Light Drops lies in their multifunctional nature. They can be used independently or mixed with skincare products, foundation, or moisturizers to customize one's desired glow.

This flexibility has resonated with consumers seeking a tailored approach to makeup application.

Erin Cast, president of Revolution Beauty North America, highlighted in a statement the growing demand for products that offer a sun-kissed glow year-round.

"Makeup Revolution Bright Light Drops fulfill this need by providing a versatile solution for radiant, sun-kissed skin, regardless of the season, and with instant and overtime skin benefits," she said, emphasizing their versatility and nourishing benefits from ingredients like squalane, hyaluronic acid, and grapeseed oil.

Priced at $12, the Bright Light Drops are in line with Makeup Revolution's commitment to quality at affordable prices.

They are part of the brand's expanding complexion range, joining products like the Skin Silk Serum Foundation and Bright Light Face Glow.

Makeup Revolution continues to promote inclusivity and cruelty-free practices, making its products globally accessible while maintaining ethical standards.