haircut for men

(Photo : Vecteezy/Yulia Gapeenko)

When it comes to men's hairstyles, adding volume and texture can transform a look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether you have thin hair that needs a boost or thick hair that requires some shaping, there are several haircut styles that can enhance volume and texture effortlessly.

Below are some of these styles and the techniques behind them.

1. The Pompadour

The pompadour haircut is a timeless choice for men seeking volume and style. It involves cutting the sides short while leaving the top longer and styled upward and backward. This style adds height and volume to the hair, creating a bold and sophisticated look.

2. The Textured Crop

The textured crop is a modern haircut that works well for men with thick hair. It involves cutting the hair short on the sides and back while leaving some length on top. The top is then textured using scissors or razors to create a messy yet controlled appearance, adding volume and dimension.

3. The Undercut with Long Top

The undercut with a long top combines short sides with a longer top. By keeping the top hair longer, you can create volume and texture through various styling techniques like pomade, wax, or mousse. This haircut is suitable for different hair types and face shapes.

4. The Layered Cut

The layered cut is ideal for men with medium to long hair who want to add volume and movement. Layers are strategically cut to remove excess weight, allowing the hair to appear fuller and textured. This style works well with natural waves or curls.

5. The Textured Quiff

The textured quiff offers a relaxed and casual yet voluminous look. It involves cutting the sides short and leaving the top longer, which is then styled into a tousled quiff using styling products. This haircut adds texture and volume while maintaining a laid-back vibe.