natural hair care tipsCredit : (Photo : Pexels/Wallace Felipe)

Spring is finally here. It's officially time to pack away the sweaters and bring out the sandals. It's also time to transition your haircare routine. Like your skin, your hair needs a different regimen as the seasons change. During the winter, rich, weighty products are ideal for locking in moisture. Naturally textured hair will always require hydrating products. But come spring, your curls crave something lighter. 

Adjusting your routine is essential. Even better? It's also simple. With just a few changes, you can easily update your wash day and styling routine to fit the season. Read on for tips on how to make your haircare routine spring-ready.

Add a Pre-Shampoo

Pre-shampoos, or pre-poos, are becoming more popular with a wider range of textures. If you're new to using them, the changing seasons are a great time to try them out. Designed to work like a treatment, they moisturize the hair and can even restore curls. The process may feel like an extra step, but a pre-shampoo can actually shorten your routine. Since the product is applied to dry hair, you can skip rounds of shampooing and deep conditioning.

Use Clarifying Products 

Your scalp may not be the first area you think of in terms of sweat, but it should be on your radar. It's filled with oil and sweat glands that can cause more buildup when the temperatures rise. Incorporating clarifying products can go a long way during the spring and summer. Clarifying shampoos are beloved for their ability to break down and dislodge debris from the scalp. However, they're not the only option. Scalp serums and scrubs are also useful for cleansing and refreshing the area.

Try Co-Washing 

If your wash routine includes heavy conditioners, you may want to consider co-washing. Essentially a conditioning shampoo, co-wash products clean your strands while imparting a hefty amount of moisture. Many formulas even come in a bar format, making it easy to lather and apply to your curls. Try swapping out your shampoo with a co-wash and then applying a light layer of conditioner to add shine.

Use a Lightweight Conditioner

Curls and coils require moisturizing products. But they don't always have to be heavy. Instead of using a thick conditioner, opt for a lighter consistency and hydrating formula. Not only will it aid in water retention, but it will also keep your curls bouncy and light.

Look for Humectant Products

Warmer weather always threatens frizz. While you may not be able to completely eliminate the threat, you can tame frizz with the right product. Many brands produce shampoos and leave-in conditioners containing humectant ingredients that pull moisture deep into your strands.