Concealer only makeupCredit : Pexels/Jermaine Ulinwa

Makeup trends often follow the seasons. In the winter, bold, vampy lips are highly favored, while spring and summer usher in bright and pastel hues. Others, like the latest concealer-only look, are universal. It's recently swept social media and quickly developed a cult following. Created using only concealer, it has become a top choice for beginners and makeup veterans.

Like many of today's beauty trends, it aims to save time and even some coins. But it's also adaptable to fit different aesthetics. Whether you prefer a fresh-faced look or a full-coverage beat, this trend is one to cycle into your routine.

Recreating the concealer-only look is also a breeze. Simply follow the steps below to create your desired look.

Step 1: Make use of makeup primer

Prepping your skin should always be your first step. After you've completed your skincare routine, begin by applying a makeup primer. This product is one of the most underrated makeup items. Though this trend doesn't require a foundation, a blurring primer can smooth your skin and even its tone.

Step 2: Choose your concealer wisely

Remember, the look only uses concealer. That said, you'll need to ensure you're using the right shades and formulas. It also helps to have several colors on hand for different uses. Before you begin applying, consider where you'll be placing the product. If you want to diminish the appearance of dark circles, try using a concealer one shade lighter than your natural complexion. After applying a few dots under the eye, lightly tap in the product with your fingertips or a dense fluffy brush.

You may notice a few other areas on your face that could use coverage. Discoloration from blemishes is a common example. Covering these areas will require a concealer closer to your skin tone. Applying the product may also differ. Instead of a dense brush, try a makeup sponge or foundation brush and a stippling motion. This will disperse the product and leave you with a natural finish.

Step 3: Apply setting powder

Foundation doesn't always need to be set, but concealer is a different story. There are some self-setting formulas, but others will need some form of powder to ensure they stay put. Look for a translucent formula that will minimize shine and help control oil throughout the day. Blotting powders are a great option for daily use, as they do both and are lightweight. On full-coverage days, opt for loose setting powder that will smooth the area and give you a flawless look.