Nail Polish Choices for Cat Eye Manicure
(Photo : Mooncat / Your Heart's A Black Hole)

Just like its inspiration, cat eye manicures are so alluring that more brands are offering nail polish choices that deliver the result.

What are cat eye nails?

Cat eye nails draw inspiration from the mesmerizing iris of cats. The effect is achieved using a magnet to manipulate iron particles in gel polish, creating a reflective, kaleidoscopic look. This unique style requires specific polish, a magnetic tool, and some creativity, but it's surprisingly easy to do at home. Cat eye nails feature a subtle metallic line, often painted in a matching color to the base, resembling the reflective quality of a cat's eye.

Le Manoir Oyster Velvet

Le Manoir delivers the smooth, iridescent interiors of oysters, offering a warm, nude velvet finish to your manicure with Oyster Velvet at $22. This unique polish features particles that can be activated with a magnet for a mesmerizing effect. 

Cirque Colors Kinetic

Cirque Colors' Kinetic is a mesmerizing burgundy-red jelly nail polish with magnetic multichrome pigments that shift between rosebud pink and watermelon coral. You can get an opaque coverage in two to three coats, this polish is perfect for romantic dreamers and velvet lovers. Use the magnetic wand while the polish is wet to create captivating 3D nail art designs.

Mooncat Your Heart's A Black Hole

Mooncat's Your Heart's A Black Hole is a deep red magnetic lacquer filled with micro holo glitter that reveals a light red magnetic stripe. Going for $16, this moody lacquer is perfect for those who embrace their mysterious side. To achieve different magnetic designs, simply use the included magnetic wand while the polish is wet. For a smooth finish, top it off with Mooncat's Matte Made in Hell or Speed Demon top coat.

Lights Lacquer Dark Arts

This gunmetal black polish by Lights Lacquer has silver and gold pigment and a magnetic finish, priced at $13. This richly pigmented formula offers long-lasting, chip-resistant wear with a gel-like shine. Explore different magnetic designs using the wand's different sides.

Madam Glam Cat Eye Gel Polish

Go for the Yellow Diamond shade of Cat Eye Gel Polish by Madam Glam if you want a stunning yellow super cat eye effect at $27. This heavily pigmented formula offers endless design possibilities with a magnet, allowing you to create a variety of looks from subtle to bold. It does not require a colored base and can be applied over a base coat, rubber base, builder gel, or polygel. Cure for two minutes under a UV lamp or 30 seconds under an LED lamp for the perfect finish.