Filtered showerheadsCredit : Pexels/Armin Rimoldi

When it comes to beauty routines, haircare is one of the simplest. It involves just a few steps and only a handful of products. Shampoo, a soothing massage, a conditioning treatment, followed by a cold rinse, and you're left with clean, gorgeous hair. We've all been conditioned (no pun intended) to believe that the products alone determine the final result. However, there's one factor that plays just as big of a role: water. 

Regardless of hair type or texture, water is essential for your haircare routine. Given that most hairwashing happens in the shower, it would mean that a filtered showerhead could be beneficial. Influencers have praised these unique gadgets for their skin benefits, but they can also work wonders for your hair. Keep reading to learn how a filtered showerhead can elevate your wash day routine.

What are filtered showerheads?

Water is a vital source in our daily lives. Not only do we need it to replenish our bodies, but we use it for our beauty routines. Most of us are accustomed to drinking purified water (I'm refilling my Brita as we speak), but when it comes to showering, the idea feels like an extra step. Enter filtered showerheads -- the delicate system that removes impurities to improve water quality. 

Water filtration in the shower is nothing new. But today, several brands are creating filters to improve hair and skin health. These filtered showerheads work to remove chlorine and heavy metals that can cause hard water. 

The Benefits of Filtered Showerheads for Your Hair

We all know that product buildup is one of the main concerns for hair health. Whether amassed on the scalp or the strands, it can lead to scalp issues and lackluster hair. Shampoos are designed to dislodge buildup but can be less effective with hard water. By removing harsh minerals, filtered showerheads can make lathering and rinsing products easier. This instantly boosts scalp health and lays the foundation for healthier hair. 

Another big benefit of these filters is the look and feel of your hair. From softness to shine, they can improve the quality of your hair with each use. With fewer contaminants and particles, filtered water helps maintain the hair's natural oils. That said, it can also increase the strength of the strands and improve water retention.

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