Lip gloss
(Photo : Vecteezy/Viorel Kurnosov)

Serena van der Woodsen really hit the nail on the head in that famous quote from "Gossip Girl" when she said, "Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun."

Beauty lovers have been debating lipstick versus lip gloss for ages, and it's true that both bring color and shine to your lips, but they each have unique qualities when it comes to how they're made, their finishes, and how long they last.

Let's break down the pros and cons of each.

Pros of lipsticks

1. Longevity 

One of the most significant advantages of lipstick is its longevity. Lipsticks are formulated to adhere well to the lips, providing hours of wear without frequent touch-ups.

2. Variety of finishes

Lipsticks come in a wide range of finishes, including matte, satin, glossy, and metallic. This versatility allows users to choose a finish that suits their preference and the occasion.

3. Pigmentation

Lipsticks typically offer intense pigmentation, providing rich and vibrant colors with just one swipe. This makes them ideal for creating bold and dramatic looks.

Cons of lipstick

1. Drying

Some lipsticks, especially matte formulas, can be drying on the lips. This may require the use of a lip balm or primer to ensure comfort throughout the day.

Matte lipstick, according to Beromt, contains more wax and pigment, resulting in a rich, opaque color that lasts longer. However, the reduced oil content can make the lipstick feel dry on the lips and more prone to settling into lip lines and creases.

2. Transfer

Creamy or glossy lipsticks may transfer onto cups, utensils, or clothing, requiring occasional touch-ups to maintain a pristine look.

Pros of lip gloss

1. Hydration

 Lip glosses are often infused with hydrating ingredients such as oils and emollients, making them beneficial for dry lips.

2. Glossy finish

The hallmark of lip gloss is its glossy finish, which imparts a luscious and youthful appearance to the lips. It reflects light, creating a plumping effect.

3. Versatility

Lip glosses can be worn alone for a natural, dewy look or layered over lipstick to add shine and dimension.

Cons of lip gloss

1. Less longevity

Compared to lipstick, lip gloss tends to have a shorter wear time and may require frequent reapplication, especially after eating or drinking.

As per L'Oréal Paris, lip glosses typically don't last as long because their wet texture is focused more on providing shine rather than staying power, making them more susceptible to fading.

2. Stickiness

Some lip gloss formulas can be sticky or tacky, which may feel uncomfortable for some users, particularly in windy or humid conditions.

3. Not as pigmented

Unlike lipsticks or liquid lipsticks, which are highly pigmented, lip glosses provide a sheer coverage. Their purpose is to create a luminous, mirror-like shine on the lips that reflects light beautifully, so if you're looking for some major pigment, lip glosses may not be for you.