Things to Know Before Going to the Barber
(Photo : Pexels / Thgusstavo Santana)

If it is your first time visiting your barber, then there are things you should know, such as the barbershop being a new environment with its own culture.

Going to the Barber

Your local barbershop can be bustling and filled with lively chatter among regulars, which might make newcomers feel a bit intimidated. Navigating this environment as a first-timer or being in a new shop can be daunting. However, following some simple tips can make your visit enjoyable. Planning your haircut and knowing these few tips before going to your barber is key to creating a good start to your new haircare routine.

About Your Appointment

Your barber wants you to know the importance of showing up for your appointment. Barbers often rent their chairs and rely on appointments to make a living. If you can not make it, give them as much notice as possible so they can fill your slot. This benefits you too, as consistently missing appointments can impact their business and availability. Booking during off-peak hours can give you more attention. Arriving a bit early shows respect and allows for a proper consultation. Do not expect to be accommodated if you arrive late and need to attend to personal matters before your cut.

Respect and Courtesy

When you walk into a barbershop, it is important to greet who you can or announce yourself while not being so imposing. Say hello to the barbers and specify if you have an appointment or are a walk-in client. Making eye contact and acknowledging others in the shop shows respect and common courtesy. Introduce yourself to your barber, especially if it is your first time with them. A simple introduction and friendly gesture can help establish a personal connection and make you feel more at ease during your appointment.

Research and Reference

Knowing what kind of haircut you want is crucial when visiting a barbershop. It is important to have a clear idea or examples to show your barber to ensure they understand your expectations. This can be as simple as bringing a photo or using a barbering app to convey your desired style. 

Understanding the language of barbering, such as knowing the difference between a skin fade, high fade, or scissor fade, can prevent miscommunication and ensure you get the haircut you envision. 

A consultation with your barber is a key part of the process, where you can discuss your preferences and receive expert recommendations based on your hair type and facial features. This interaction establishes clear expectations and sets the stage for a successful haircut, fostering a strong client-barber relationship.

Do a Pre-Wash

Maintaining good hygiene and preparing your hair before a barbershop visit can enhance your experience and ensure a great haircut. Washing your hair the night before removes dirt and product buildup, providing a clean canvas for your barber. 

Avoid using heavy styling products that can make your hair difficult to work with. Additionally, avoid wearing tight hats beforehand to prevent hat hair, which can alter your hair's natural state and make it harder for the barber to work with. 

Proper Decorum

Maintaining proper decorum in a barbershop is key to a successful haircut experience. 

Avoid using your phone during your haircut, as it can be disruptive and lead to mistakes. Additionally, refrain from haggling over the price of your haircut, as barbers have set fees for their services. 

When the clippers are in use, stay still and trust your barber's expertise. Avoid constantly checking your reflection, as this can be seen as disrespectful and indicate a lack of trust in your barber's skills. 

Instead, relax and enjoy the experience, and if you have a specific style in mind, bring a picture to help your barber understand your vision. 

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and pleasant barber shop visit.