Boho braids hairstyles Credit : Pexels/Chibili Mugala

The arrival of spring always brings a sense of renewal. Right about now, you're probably swapping out your sweaters and boots for floaty dresses and lightweight jackets. It's also the perfect time to refresh your beauty look with a new hairstyle.

For natural-haired girls, the season begs for braids. The category of braids has grown vastly over the years, and boho braids have been the breakout style that has achieved viral fame.

Do a quick scroll through Instagram and you're bound to see a few different options that will pique your interest. One of the reasons they've become so popular is their versatility. Characterized by their free-flowing tendrils and loose curls, they have a natural look and move freely like hair. Even if you haven't tried the trend or are searching for a fun new style, the list below is a good place to start.

Extra-Long Goddess Braids

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Arguably the most popular way to wear boho braids, this look is all about length. Flowing from root to tip, the braids often extend beyond the waist for a glamorous look. Though the longer length means more time at the salon, it's ideal for creating several styles.

Boho Braided Bob

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Braided bobs are a '90s staple that's just as wearable today. This version features jumbo knotless braids that fall just below the chin. The cropped length accentuates the jawline and gives the style an asymmetrical feel.

Boho Braided Updo

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Versatility and styling ease are two elements that make these braids beloved. Medium-length braids can be transformed into any style, including a messy updo. To keep the look grounded, leave a few braids loose around the face. Not only will it frame your features, but it will give your updo a lived-in feel.

Boho Cornrows

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This hairstyle blends cornrows and knotless braids for a unique look. But there's much more to the style than meets the eye. Known as Fulani braids or tribal braids, this hairstyle is rooted in culture and was first worn by the Fulani people of West Africa.