Scalp scrubsCredit : Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Every haircare regimen requires a few routine steps. Most begin with shampoo and conditioner and end with styling products that keep hair coifed and smooth after styling. After years of washing your hair or salon appointments, you probably have yours down to a tee. But if you're not using a scalp scrub, you could be missing a crucial step. 

Scalp care has recently become a buzzy topic within the beauty industry, and for good reason. As the foundation for nourished hair, it's important to maintain a healthy scalp. To do so, you can start by incorporating a scalp scrub into your wash routine. If you're new to these products, the playing field can be daunting. To even things out a bit, we've put together an easy guide to their benefits, uses, and how to use them in your routine.

What are scalp scrubs?

The best way to describe a scalp scrub is to compare it to other skin scrubbing products. Just like body and facial scrubs, they lightly exfoliate the skin's surface. Many are made from natural sources, such as refined salts and fruit enzymes to gently rid the scalp of dead skin and prepare it for cleansing. 

What are the benefits of scalp scrubs?

Exfoliation is essential for healthy skin cells, including those on your head. While you may not think of your scalp as "skin," it still needs to be cleansed from dead cells and product buildup. That's where scalp scrubs come into play. Formulated into creamy mousse-like pastes, they break down buildup caused by styling products and natural oils. 

Deconstructing the thick residue is just the first part of the job. A good scalp scrub also dislodges the unwanted debris and refreshes the scalp with clarifying ingredients. Aloe vera and witch hazel are two common components that soothe it while keeping the natural balance of oils in check. This lays the groundwork for a clean surface and even helps stimulate follicle regrowth.

Who should use a scalp scrub?

Given that scalp scrubs effectively exfoliate and remove the gunk that often leads to clogged pores, it's easy to see why they are necessary. That said, every hair type can benefit from scalp scrubs, even those with oily and dry skin. 

The key is finding a product and frequency that works with your hair and scalp's needs. If you have fine hair, you may need a lightweight product that won't weigh down your strands. On the contrary, those with thick or natural textures will want to use a scrub rich in moisturizing ingredients like shea butter

How to use a scalp scrub

Incorporating a scalp scrub into your current wash day is easier than you may think. Remember the idea is to exfoliate the scalp so you want to ensure that you're placing the product there and your hair. 

Begin by parting the hair into sections so that your scalp is visible. Then, place a bit of the product onto your scalp, and gently massage the area with your fingertips. It helps to use a circular motion at the root of your hair where buildup can occur.

Once you've scrubbed the whole area, it's time to rinse and enjoy the refreshing feeling of a clean and healthy scalp.