Neora Lash Lush
(Photo : Neora)

Neora, a leading name in holistic beauty and wellness, has launched its latest creation, Lash Lush, a groundbreaking lash and brow serum promising visible improvements in length, thickness, and strength in just four weeks.

True to Neora's commitment to efficacy and safety, Lash Lush is formulated without irritants, hormones, or other harmful substances commonly found in similar products. 

The serum boasts a clinically proven formula powered by Neora's proprietary PWR System, designed to support collagen and hair health at the follicle, leading to enhanced density, length, and lift.

Amber Olson, co-founder and president of Neora, highlighted the extensive research behind Lash Lush.

"Lash Lush is a one-of-a-kind product and is the result of years of research and countless formula iterations," Olson said. 

She also emphasized the importance of delivering on promises without compromising on safety, particularly in an industry seeing increased usage among young consumers.

The serum's key ingredients include peptides, biotin, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and plant extracts. 

Peptides replenish essential proteins and vitamins. Biotin strengthens and supports lash and brow health, while amino acids and plant extracts protect against breakage and loss. This holistic approach aims to provide not just visible results but also overall lash and brow wellness.

The benefits of Lash Lush are multifaceted, with results building over time:

1. Visible results in as little as four weeks

2. Strengthens, lengthens, and volumizes lashes

3. Prevents breakage and loss of existing lash and brow hair

4, Thickens brows

5. Free from hormones and prostaglandin analogs

6. Ophthalmologist-tested and clinically proven

Neora recommends applying the serum on lashes and brows twice a day daily for three months to maintain the results.

Neora's Lash Lush is now available for purchase at