OPI's New Spring 2024 Collection Has 21 New Shades
(Photo : OPI)

Every nail art lover is excited as OPI unveils 21 new shades for its spring 2024 collection.

OPI Your Way Spring 2024 Collection

Get ready to revamp your nails with the OPI Your Way spring 2024 collection! This vibrant collection features 21 stunning shades, including 12 traditional colors and nine Infinite Shine shades. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant hues or soft, pastel tones, this collection offers something for everyone. Embrace your unique style, and express yourself with these versatile shades. Whether you are into intricate nail art or prefer a minimalist look, these colors will add a pop of color to your spring manicures. Dive into this collection, and let your nails steal the show this season!

Yellows and Browns

The new shades of yellows and browns from OPI will surely paint you a picture of spring. Buttafly, which is a light yellow nail color with a hint of shimmer, evokes sunlight dancing on water. It adds elegance and a subtle golden radiance to your nails. Material Gworl offers a deep chocolate brown creme, redefining spring neutrals with its understated elegance.

Spice Up Your Life blends a medium brown hue with a creamy texture, perfect for a classic yet trendy look. The shade gLITter combines orange warmth with gold radiance, creating a mesmerizing sunset-like effect, while Gliterally Shimmer is your low-profile gilded glam. These shades, including Basic Baddie's light brown creme, offer a versatile palette for any spring style. Lastly, get to embrace simplicity and sophistication with Bleached Brows, a beige-brown creme that embodies natural beauty and elegance.

Pinks and Oranges

OPI also has new shades of pinks and oranges that are simply eye-catching. On Another Level offers a vibrant flamingo pink creme, embodying spring exuberance with its lively and captivating color. Bubblegum Glaze brings the sweetness of bubblegum and the allure of glazed donuts to your nails with its shimmery pink charm, adding a touch of glamor and joy.

Apricot AF is a daring peachy orange creme, perfect for those who crave a bold pop of color and want to express themselves with confidence. Without A Pout is a deep flamingo pink creme, ideal for adding a playful touch to your manicure and expressing your lively personality. These shades capture the essence of spring, infusing your nails with vivacity and bold femininity.

Blues and Greens

You can practically take in the spirit of spring with OPI's new blues and greens. Verified offers a dusty sky blue, perfect for a subtle pop of color with sophistication. Suga Cookie is a shimmery silver, inviting bold self-expression with its glamorous sparkle. The shade $elf Made is a muted green, ideal for adding a touch of color with subtlety and style. First Class Tix is a vibrant teal blue, promising chic elegance and a refreshing burst of color.

Get In Lime is an electrifying lime green, capturing the essence of spring's lively spirit. These shades allow you to express yourself boldly or subtly, adding a dynamic element to your manicure that reflects the vibrant energy of the season.


These new OPI whites are elegantly tasteful. Pearlcore offers an ethereal iridescent pearl effect, perfect for a luminous spring manicure that exudes elegance and sophistication. Glitter Mogul is a shimmery iridescent nail color that transforms your nails into a dazzling masterpiece, adding brilliance and sophistication to your look.

Glazed N' Amused dances with a spectrum of colors, creating a playful and whimsical effect that is both captivating and delightful. Snatch'd Silver is a dazzling silver nail color that demands attention and exudes confidence, perfect for making a statement and embracing the glitz and glamor of spring. These shades allow you to express your playful side with sophistication, ensuring your manicure is a showstopper wherever you go.