What Is a Yeard? Tips and What to Expect
(Photo : Vecteezy / Katsiaryna Repich)

Beard trends are definitely some of the ultimate tests of a man's determination, patience, and perseverance. Not lagging behind no-shave trends, growing a "yeard" is something that could test a man. Although it sounds so good that you will absolutely jump on it, take a few minutes to check these tips and expectations.

What is a yeard?

A yeard is a full year of uninterrupted beard growth, a milestone that requires commitment, smart grooming, and time. This beard style is not for the faint of heart; it takes courage and resolve. Despite the challenges, growing a yeard is a transformative journey, pushing you out of your comfort zone and testing your confidence. At the end, you'll join an exclusive club of bearded legends.

Tips for Grooming Your Yeard

Let's make it clear! Growing a yeard does not mean neglecting your beard; regular maintenance is key to keeping it looking its best. 

Tip 1: Trim

One essential tip is to trim stray hairs with scissors or a trimmer to maintain a neat appearance. As your beard grows longer, you will need to adjust your beard oil and balm usage to ensure that your beard stays healthy and well-moisturized. Additionally, it is important to keep your mustache trimmed or curled so that it does not grow over your upper lip, which can be uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Tip 2: Shape

Once you've reached the coveted year mark, you can decide what to do with your beard. You can either trim it back down to a shorter length or continue to let it grow into a longer, more impressive beard. Whatever you choose, shaping your beard is the next step in your journey.

Square up and even out all areas of your beard, including below the neckline and the hair growing from your chin. Shaving down your sideburns can also help create a more polished look that complements your hairstyle.

Tip 3: Maintenance

Remember, shaping is about maintenance, so continue to groom and care for your beard with balms and oils. Keeping your beard clean, tamed, and moisturized will encourage better growth and beard health. Of course, proper maintenance also results in a presentable appearance.

What to Expect

A yeard is more than just a beard; it is a commitment and a journey. Contrary to common belief, maintaining cleanliness and style is achievable throughout the year-long growth. The yeard marks a transition to a distinguished look, opening doors to new styles and care routines. As your beard progresses, you will attract attention and admiration, making the effort worthwhile. The growth cycle can be divided into three stages.

Initial Growth Stage: Itch and Patchiness

During the initial growth stage, which lasts from day one to around five months, you will face challenges like itching and patchiness as you adjust to your new beard. Some men maintain stubble, while others opt for a full beard style.

Middle Ground: Significant Growth

The middle ground, from six to nine months, sees significant growth, covering your neckline and appearing thicker, especially for curly beards. At this point, you may wonder if your growth has stalled, but patience is key. So don't let up and keep on grooming your beard.

The Yeard: Trimming

In the lead-up to the yeard, the last few months are about maintaining your beard's health and appearance without excessive trimming. Monthly photos can help you track progress. With the right grooming tips, you will enjoy the benefits of a full year of growth, culminating in a beard that reflects your dedication and style.