(Photo : Kiss)

Press-on nail brand Kiss revealed its 2024 fall/winter nail look during New York Fashion Week.

Kiss Press-On Nail Look at Fashion Week

Gina Edwards, a renowned nail artist and Kiss brand ambassador, showcased groundbreaking nail trends at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024. Her designs transcended traditional concepts, transforming nails into powerful statements. Edwards' creations were paired with masterpieces by designers Prabal Gurung and PatBo.

Edwards redefined the modern muse, bringing runway trends to life with Kiss and imPRESS press-on nails. Her innovative approach to nail fashion showcased resilience, glamor, and empowerment, inspiring individuals to express themselves boldly through their nails.

Meanwhile, celebrity nail artist Juan Alvear worked on masterpieces by The Blonds.

Kiss Nail Look x Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung's Fall/Winter 2024 collection draws inspiration from "fragmented memories," reflected in a color palette transitioning from resilient reds to vulnerable pastels. The collection's layered prints evoke shadowy effects, capturing memory's fragmented nature. Hair, makeup, and nails enhance the hauntingly glamorous theme. 

Get the look at home with Kiss Gel Fantasy Magnetic or imPRESS Color Press-On Manicure in Red Velvet for runway-approved style. Prices start at $7.99, and the manicure lasts up to a week.

Kiss Nail Look x PatBo

PatBo's Spring/Summer 2024 collection celebrates Brazilian roots, embracing the country's flamboyant 1970s spirit. The "Tropicalia" theme blends Brazilian traditions with Western culture, showcasing the country's unique history and culture. The nail looks for the collection were inspired by Patricia Bonaldi's love for embroidery, using Kiss Glazed Donut Nails in Frosted as a base.

To recreate these looks at home, use lace, crystals, and Kiss nail products. Prices start at $3.99.

Kiss Nail Look x The Blonds

The Blonds' Spring/Summer 2024 collection takes audiences on a cosmic journey through mythical realms, where legendary creatures don crystals and float in storms of organza and chiffon. Inspired by music icons like Cher and David Bowie, with a modern twist from Bodine, the collection merges mythological legends with celestial dreams. 

Alvear created three nail looks for the show, using Kiss Bare But Better Nails and Kiss Salon Acrylic Nails as bases, embellished with rhinestones and jewels. 

For everyday glam, try Kiss Bare but Better Nails in Nude Drama with Kiss Nail Art Rhinestones. Prices start at $5.39.