Hair Mist: Favorite Brands and When to Use Them
(Photo : Pexels / Tim Mossholder)

You have washed your hair; you have styled it. What's next? Finish off with hair mist, of course! But our favorite brands each have their own concoction that targets a certain hair care goal.

What is hair mist?

A hair mist is a lightweight, water-based perfume specially made for hair. It leaves a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance and is enriched with nourishing vitamins and minerals, making hair soft and shiny. Unlike skin perfumes, hair mists are alcohol-free, revitalizing your tresses without causing dryness or damage. They can also reduce frizz and serve as a dry shampoo alternative. Spritz it around your hair base from about 20 centimeters away for best results.

When to Use Hair Mist

Hair mist is a must-have for refreshing your hair between washes. Daily shampooing can strip natural oils and lead to dryness, but a hair mist helps eliminate odors without over-cleansing. It's especially useful for neutralizing smells from pollution, smoke, and cooking. Plus, it's not just for hair; it can also benefit your skin, providing a pleasant scent and hydration.

To Nourish Hair - Holistic Science Vita Mist

The Holistic Science Company Vita Mist for Face & Hair is a versatile tonic spray priced at $25. It nourishes and revitalizes skin and hair with botanicals, minerals, and vitamins, including MSM, trace minerals, and vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E. Use it on wet hair before drying or mist onto your face with eyes closed to prep, set makeup, or refresh anytime. Personalize it with your favorite essential oils.

To Tame Frizzy Hair - Redken Frizz Dismiss Anti Static Oil Mist

Redken's Frizz Dismiss Anti-Static Oil Mist, priced at $36 for 125 milliliters, is a lightweight hair oil designed to combat frizz and static. It contains Babassu Oil and Redken's Smoothing Complex to moisturize, detangle, and protect hair, providing enhanced smoothness and frizz control without weighing hair down. Ideal for all hair types, it instantly smooths flyaways and static, taming unruly tresses for a gorgeous, lustrous look all day.

To Protect Hair From Stressors - Olive Touch Hair Mist

Olive Touch Hair Mist, priced at $24, is Greece's hair perfection solution, offering provitamin nourishment, volume, shine, and the magic of olive oil infusion. It forms a protective shield against sun exposure, pollution, and harsh weather conditions, replenishing and rejuvenating hair affected by these stressors.

To use, spray evenly over clean, damp hair, focusing on ends and sun-exposed areas, then distribute with fingers or comb. Use regularly for best results, especially before sun exposure, to enjoy outdoor activities while keeping hair radiant and healthy.