(Photo : Oribe )

Oribe, known for its Dry Texturizing Spray, has introduced a new addition to its lineup, the Gold Lust Dry Heat Protection Spray, offering consumers enhanced haircare for heat styling needs.

Designed as a multitasking solution, the Gold Lust Dry Heat Protection Spray serves to safeguard dry hair from high temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees Celsius while imparting silkiness across all hair types, according to the brand. 

The product can function as a dry conditioner, aiming to protect second-day hair from heat damage and restore softness prior to restyling.

Additionally, it promptly conditions and revitalizes weakened and damaged strands, leaving behind a touchable, healthy-looking, and frizz-free appearance. 

The overall goal of the product is to revitalize hair to an ultra-healthy, youthful state, as emphasized by the brand.

Per the instructions, it is applied to dry hair prior to using heated styling tools.  

The spray's versatility, coupled with its ability to deliver on its promises, positions it as a notable addition to Oribe's renowned hair care range.

Oribe's Gold Lust Dry Heat Protection Spray is now available on Oribe.com for $48 per 5.2-ounce bottle.