Lipstick Duos for Gradient Lips
(Photo : Vecteezy / Olena Demydenko)

A lip trend popularly known as gradient lips can give you a look so close to a natural flush. Although the usual way to achieve this fresh youthful look is by using lip oil and tint on your lips, lipstick duos can do the trick, too.

Gradient Lips

Gradient lips, also known as ombre lips, are a popular trend in South Korea and Asia. This style involves applying lipstick darker toward the center of the lips and gradually fading it out toward the edges, creating a soft, natural gradient effect.

The Korean gradient lip is particularly popular, giving the impression of a natural flush or the look of having just eaten a popsicle. This technique is easy to achieve using two lipsticks in similar shades from the same color family and a flat shader brush for blending. It pairs well with a highlighted, dewy makeup look, adding a youthful touch to the overall appearance.

Lakme Lipstick Duo

To achieve gradient lips, start by applying a lighter matte shade all over your lips, using just one layer. Purse your lips to evenly distribute the color, then blend the pigment around the edges with your fingers for a blurred effect. For the center, use a lighter liquid matte shade, and apply it with your fingers, focusing on this area to create a fading effect. Finally, blend the colors together by pursing your lips. If you prefer a glossy finish, all you have to do is add a dab of clear lip gloss.

For this look, try Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Matte lipstick as the base and Lakme Forever Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Red Carpet for the center.

Charlotte Tilbury Duo

With this duo, you can get the matte Korean gradient lip look. Start by applying a matte nude lipstick all over your lips. This serves as the base color. Next, apply a darker matte lip shade to the center of your lips, building the intensity until you're satisfied with the look. Blend the colors together using a dabbing motion, avoiding smudging the colors all over your lips.

For fair skin, use Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Kim K.W. as the base and Carina's Love for the center. For medium tan skin, use Hot Lips Lipstick in Super Cindy as the base.

Peripera Duo

For seamless gradient lips, start by prepping your lips with a thick layer of lip balm to soften and moisturize them. Use a velvet lip product for easy blending and long-lasting wear. Choose two lipstick shades from the same color family, but this time, go with a pinkish base rather than a nude base. If you have naturally dark lips, you can apply foundation or concealer to your lips to mask their natural color. Put on the lighter shade and blend it with your fingertips before applying the darker shade to the center and blending outward.

Try Peripera Ink Mood Matte Lipstick in shades 11 Pink Avenue for the base and 03 Rose Fiction for the center for a lightweight, matte, and hydrating finish.