K18 AirWash dry shampoo
(Photo : K18)

K18, a biology-first haircare brand, recently unveiled its latest innovation: AirWash, a groundbreaking dry shampoo powered by its patented biotechnology, odorBIND.

This revolutionary product promises clean hair without the typical issues associated with dry shampoos, such as white cast, starchy buildup, or heavy fragrances.

AirWash represents a significant advancement in the dry shampoo category, thanks to its utilization of odorBIND technology. This innovative approach aims to effectively identify and trap odor-causing sweat and oil molecules, remove them, and replace the odor with a delicate, easily layered fragrance.

The non-aerosol product also employs translucent, porous microbeads to absorb excess oil without leading to starchy buildup or leaving behind any visible residue or white cast.

Furthermore, the product harnesses biotech-derived Mediterranean microalgae to promote scalp health and enhance hair manageability.

Moreover, AirWash incorporates smart-release technology, ensuring its effectiveness for up to three days after just one application.

Suveen Sahib, co-Founder and CEO of K18, expressed excitement about the launch.

"Launching K18 was all about bringing a biotech revolution to the beauty world-creating products that not only elevate daily beauty routines but also empower personal hair expression," Sahib said in a statement. "Now, we're thrilled to introduce AirWash, our latest innovation set to transform the traditional dry shampoo scene with our cutting-edge odorBIND biotechnology."

Available for purchase at K18hair.com and Sephora, AirWash comes in two sizes: 4 fluid ounces for $48 and 1.6 fluid ounces for $24. Sephora app users were granted early access to the product on March 25.

K18's venture into the dry shampoo market signifies a significant expansion for the brand, known for its biology-first approach to haircare.

With AirWash, K18 aims to provide consumers with a high-performance dry shampoo that not only cleanses effectively but also contributes to overall hair health.

This latest release builds upon K18's success in the haircare industry, marked by its flagship product, the leave-in molecular repair hair mask featuring the patented K18Peptide.