(Photo : Vecteezy / Andrii Shevchuk)

Styling paste is a versatile product that suits all hair lengths and types, offering definition, texture, and pliable movement. Despite its name, it is lightweight and non-sticky, leaving hair smooth and shiny. Ideal for controlling and shaping your hair, this product provides long-lasting hold and brilliant shine. Whether you are aiming for a textured or sleek look, styling paste is a must-have for effortless styling.

Benefits of Styling Hair Paste

Styling paste offers numerous benefits for your hair. It enhances manageability and makes styling easier by providing structure and control, serving as a perfect foundation for any hairstyle. It's particularly useful for prepping hair before braiding or upstyling, reducing the need for many pins to hold a shape. Styling paste can also be used on loose hair to create texture, smooth flyaways, and tame unruly ends, offering a matte finish or, in some cases, a subtle glow with added moisture.

How to Use

Styling paste is a versatile product that can benefit all hair types and lengths. It is easy to use, typically requiring a pea-sized amount rubbed between your palms and then applied evenly through slightly damp or dry hair. This product adds structure, control, and texture, making it ideal for creating a variety of hairstyles.

Dry Hair

For dry hair, styling paste can be used to smooth unruly strands, add texture, and create natural volume and shine. It's also useful for taming flyaways and defining small sections of hair.


When air-drying your hair, styling paste can help control frizz and enhance the natural texture of your hair. It adds moisture to your hair, making it easier to manage and style. Use a small amount to shape your hair while air-drying


Styling paste is also great for upstyling, such as buns, twists, and knots. It adds grip and structure to your hair, helping it hold its shape and style. When upstyling, put your hair in a bun first and when you are satisfied with the position and appearance of your updo, apply a small amount on your hair, making sure to spread the product along the strands of your tied hair.


For braided styles, styling paste adds grit and texture, making it easier to braid and giving your braids enhanced definition and hold. It can also be used to "pancake" braids, creating a fuller and softer look. Apply the styling hair paste before separating your hair into three equal parts. Make sure to give your long hair a comb before weaving it into a braid.

All Hair Types

Additionally, styling paste is suitable for all hair types, including fine, thin, wavy, and curly hair. It adds definition and texture to short hair, making it easier to style. For long hair, styling paste helps control unruly hair and adds smoothness and grip to braids and updos. It is also beneficial for fine or thin hair, adding texture and grip to styles and helping them hold for longer periods.

Overall, styling paste is a versatile and essential product for achieving a variety of hairstyles with ease.