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Although dealing with your flyaways and frizz at home is a typical impulse, you can speed up the results by booking certain salon treatments designed to give you straight hair in no time.

Flyaways and Frizz

Frizzy and flyaway hair can be a common frustration, especially for those with curly hair. Factors like heat styling and humidity can wreak havoc on your locks, making them difficult to tame and maintain. Fortunately, modern salon hair treatments offer a variety of solutions for damaged and unruly hair. From restoring and repairing damaged locks to improving overall hair health and appearance, there are treatments tailored to address different hair concerns. 

Salon Treatments You Can Book

Salon professionals can help identify the specific needs of your hair and recommend the best treatments to achieve healthy, beautiful locks. So, be sure to consult with them before deciding on a treatment. Here are some of the most recommended salon treatments:

1. Keratin Treatment

A salon keratin treatment is a chemical procedure that makes dry, frizzy hair straight, smooth, and shiny by applying a keratin-based solution and sealing it with heat. It lasts up to six months and is ideal for those with curly or frizzy hair. However, it is important to have it done by a professional due to the chemicals and heat involved. Regular cuticle protection and moisture salon treatments are recommended for maintenance.

2. Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments at the salon are a fantastic remedy for damaged hair, offering deep nourishment and restoration. Using oils like olive, castor, or coconut, these treatments revive your locks and improve hair structure. The process involves shampooing, applying warm oils to the hair and scalp, heating, and rinsing. For natural hair, hot oil treatments provide hydration, strength, and scalp health, making them a valuable addition to any hair care routine.

3. Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

The Cezanne Smoothing Treatment is an all-natural solution that effectively eliminates frizz and nourishes hair, lasting between three to five months. It softens curls while maintaining volume, offering the flexibility to wear your hair curly or straight. This treatment reduces styling time by up to 50%, making it perfect for those seeking manageable, beautiful locks without the need for harmful chemicals.

The downside to this treatment is that in salons, it costs nearly $500.

4. Demineralizing Treatment

This salon treatment is a must for removing chlorine and hard water minerals from your hair, especially before any chemical services, ensuring the best results. The Demineralizing Treatment transforms your hair's tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength. The first step removes impurities, while the second reconstructs and strengthens damaged areas, leaving your hair shiny and prepared for color or texturizing services.

The downside is that this two-step treatment is currently available exclusively at the Tribeca Hair Studio in New York City.