Sunscreen is key in every person's routine, but sometimes, it can leave an awful white cast. One of the reasons we love tinted sunscreens is that they do not leave your skin with any kind of white cast; they just blend in naturally. Another reason why we are fans of tinted sunscreen is that they can leave you with a glowy "I just got back from vacation" look. We love wearing them instead of foundation.

Here are a few of our favorite glow-enhancing sunscreens so you can get your glow on. 

Eucerin Sun Tinted Age Defense SPF 50

This is a new launch, and we've been loving using it. The formula is super lightweight, blends into the skin easily, and is not greasy. One of the reasons you will love it is that it uses five different antioxidants that can help reduce signs of aging. The antioxidants included are glycyrrhetinic acid, licochalcone A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and oxynex ST. It also contains hyaluronic acid.

Lion Pose Ghost-Buster 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 42

This formula is reef- and mineral-safe. One of the reasons you will love it is that it can double as a primer without leaving your skin with a white cast. When it comes to standout ingredients, this contains glutathione, which can help protect your skin from free-radical damage. It also uses squalane, which will keep your skin hydrated while looking glowy. Paired with Super Zinc non-nano zinc oxide, it minimizes the white cast. 

Supergoop Glowscreen SPF 40

Supergoop's Glowscreen comes in four different shades, so you can easily find the one that works best for you. It's super lightweight and easy to blend into your skin (and it happens to be one of our favorite SPFs). We love that it gives your skin a natural-looking glow without worrying about getting burnt.

This sunscreen contains sea lavender, which can provide your skin with antioxidant protection and hydration. Speaking of hydration, it also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to keep your skin looking and feeling comfortable and soft. We can't forget the secret to the glow: niacinamide. 

Live Tinted 3-in-1 Mineral Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Primer SPF 30

This is another three-in-one product, which is why it's earned a place on our list. We love that it can protect you from UVA/UVB rays and blue light minus the white cast. Another reason we think you will love it is that it hydrates your skin while also blurring your imperfections. This contains non-nano zinc oxide, which makes it lightweight and super easy to blend.