What You Need for Coquette Manicure
(Photo : Vecteezy / Mehdi Hasan)

Social media ushers in another trend we cannot resist. Coquette manicure is the sweet girly aesthetic we need on our fingertips.

Coquette Manicure

The coquette aesthetic, inspired by classic ballet and regency-era fashion, blends softness with vintage elegance and cottagecore vibes. Despite its popularity, some critique its associations with the "Lolita" aesthetic and limited representation. However, many see it as a way to reclaim girlhood, empowering all individuals to embrace their authentic selves. This trend has surged on social media, showcasing its romantic, playful essence through dainty dresses and dreamy silhouettes.

The coquette manicure trend, inspired by the flirty and feminine coquette aesthetic, is all the rage on various platforms of social media. These nails are the epitome of cuteness, featuring playful designs like cherries, bows, and more.

What You Need to Get the Look

Colors like pink, butter yellow, lilac, and white are popular, but it's the adorable appliqués, stickers, and gems that truly make the look. Whether you are getting them done at a salon or DIY-ing at home, coquette nails are a fun and flirty way to express your style.

Acrylic Bows and Pearls

These 20 pieces of pink bow nail charms are perfect for adding a sweet and romantic touch to your nail art. Made of durable resin, they're easy to stick on nails and are suitable for both experienced manicurists and beginners. The charms feature a heart-shaped rhinestone that adds a sparkling brilliance to your nails, making them eye-catching and elegant. Available at Walmart for $7.99, they are a great addition to your nail art supplies.

Alternatively, you can get a set of 3D Nail Charms Hearts Pearls Bows from Lunali Nail Supply for $5. Although the bows on this one are less intricate, the set includes hearts and pearls so you'll have other options for your 3D nail accessories.

Pastel Nail Polish

This Born Pretty Pastel Gel Nail Polish Set is a must-have for spring and summer. The set includes six bottles of 10-milliliter pastel gel nail polish in sweet macaron colors, perfect for expressing yourself. These polishes are easy to apply and have good tenacity, lasting up to over 21 days with a proper application process. They are made with healthy ingredients and are a great gift for any occasion. Available for $13.99, this set will give your nails a brilliant shine finish.

Cherry Nail Art Stickers

Add a flirty touch to your nails with these Cherry Nail Art Stickers from Shop Nail Candy. Priced at $3, these stickers are perfect for fun nail designs. Use tweezers to pick up the decals, lay them down on your nails, press gently, and finish with a top coat. Each sheet includes various cherry options. Pair them with Shop Nail Candy's foils, charms, and glitter for a complete look.

Ballerina 3D Press On Nails

Indulge in elegance with Blush Pink Ballerina 3D Gel Long Stiletto Press On Nails from Lily Nails Art shop. Handmade with gel nails and stiletto tips, these cute fake nails are perfect for birthdays, holidays, parties, and events. They come with gift wrapping available, adding a touch of luxury to your nail game. Follow the provided instructions for sizing, application, and care to enjoy these nails for up to two days using adhesive tabs or around three weeks using nail glue.