Asian woman applying highlighter Credit : Prakasit Khuansuwan ( johnstocker)/ Vecteezy

There's something about the "lit from within" look that we find completely irresistible. Is it that it looks natural? Is it all the compliments we receive while wearing this kind of look? No matter what reason, this look is perfect as warmer seasons are on the horizon.

Here are a few of our favorite highlighters for a glow-from-within type of look. 

Iconic London Lit and Luminous Baked Highlighter

One of the reasons we love this product is that it's smooth and does not give your cheeks a chunky or grainy look. The formula is soft and easy to use. We love using it on every single part of our face. Another reason you'll love it is that it is lightweight and super buildable. It uses jojoba seed oil to nourish your skin, and this helps it glide across your skin smoothly. It also contains pearlescent pigments instead of glitter, which gives your skin a luminous finish. 

YSE Beauty Vacation Glow Highlighter Stick

This product has earned a spot on this list because it is soothing and hydrating as well as supports skin barrier health. It leaves your skin with a dewy finish, giving you the glow-from-within look.

Another reason you will love this is that it has many skin-loving ingredients. It contains acai oil, which has antioxidants and helps with overall skin health. The hazelnut oil in this can moisturize and soften your skin, making it look smoother. This product also features avocado oil, which can give your skin a hydrated glow. Last but not least, it uses pomegranate oil, which can nourish, smooth, and hydrate your skin. 

Rom&nd See-Through Veil Lighter

We love this highlighter because the pan is super huge, so you'll be able to use it for quite some time. It is light-reflecting, which helps give it the glow-from-within look. This can highlighter and brighten your skin, making it a great addition to your collection. It is dewy and buildable. 

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder

This product is cruelty-free and free of parabens. You'll love this highlighter because the formula is super lightweight and is so easy to work with. What makes it stand out is that it uses micro-pearl particles in different sizes, which give you a natural glow. It also uses photoluminescent technology, which can diffuse, capture, and soften light, making your skin look more refined.