yellow silk pillowcase and silk sheetCredit : shital muthal/ Vecteezy

We all need our beauty sleep, but there are some essentials you need to achieve that. One of the ways to master beauty sleep is to use a silk pillowcase.

We know it sounds a little out there, but hear us out! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase offers several benefits for your skin and hair.

In addition to these benefits, silk pillowcases also feel super luxurious. Nordstrom says one of the reasons why silk pillowcases feel so much better than any other material is that silk threads are longer and continuous, which leads to a smoother and softer surface for you to rest your head on. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider switching to a silk pillowcase. 

1. Keeps Hair and Face Hydrated 

Silk pillowcases can help retain moisture in your hair since the material does not absorb your hair's natural oils. Nordstrom also mentioned that because of the hydration, your hair is less likely to break and will look shiny and bouncy. 

In addition, silk does not pull moisture from your skin. Instead, it helps retain it, which will keep your skin looking smooth, plump, and hydrated. 

2. Reduces Frizz

Casper reports that a silk pillowcase can help reduce the friction of tossing and turning while sleeping. This, in turn, can help you wake up with frizz-free or less frizzy hair. It can also help reduce breakage, tangles, and split ends and leave your hair feeling silkier. 

3. Prevents Wrinkle

One of the reasons Casper suggests using a silk pillowcase is that it can help rid you of those pesky sleep creases you might get overnight. If they are not handled, they could lead to permanent wrinkles. Since it reduces friction, your face isn't being pulled on. 

4. Soothes Skin 

Yes, silk pillowcases can help soothe your skin. Since they are less abrasive than other materials, they can benefit your skin. Casper reports that it can reduce your skin's inflammation irritation and can even give you relief from itchiness.