When we say Celine, the picture that comes to mind is that of high-end fashion. Just recently the celebrity-favorite brand announced the launch of Celine Beauté and gave a sneak peek of its new lipstick line. You will finally have something to put in your Celine Lipstick Case!

Celine Beauté

Celine, the celebrated fashion house known for its timeless elegance, is making its first foray into the world of beauty with the launch of Celine Beauté. This move comes nearly 80 years after the maison's founding and follows the success of its Haute Parfumerie collection, introduced in 2019 under the creative direction of Hedi Slimane.

"Rouge Triomphe" Lipstick

The announcement of Celine Beauté was made during Slimane's showcase of the "La Collection de l'Arc de Triomphe" for the winter 2024 season in Paris. The inaugural product from Celine Beauté is the 'Rouge Triomphe' lipstick, a luxurious red shade that pays homage to the timeless French beauty staple. This lipstick will be available starting this autumn, with plans to expand the range in 2025 to include 15 shades, such as the elegant "La Peau Nue" rosy nude, which was featured on models during the autumn/winter 2024 show.

The "Rouge Triomphe" lipstick is more than just a beauty product; it is a symbol of Celine's commitment to luxury and sophistication. The formula features a satin finish and is enriched with a delicate blend of rose and rice powder, evoking a nostalgic '70s vibe. The lipstick comes in a stunning gold case inspired by a minimalist art deco design, adorned with the iconic Celine couture monogram.

More Celine Beauté Makeup

In addition to lipsticks, Celine Beauté will offer a range of beauty products, including lip balms, mascaras, eyeliners, powders, and nail polishes. These collections will be released seasonally, aligning with Slimane's vision for the brand and offering consumers new ways to experience the world of Celine.

Celine's expansion into beauty follows a trend among fashion houses, including Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and YSL, all of which have successfully launched beauty lines. This move not only capitalizes on the natural synergy between fashion and beauty but also allows consumers to engage with the brand at a more accessible price point. With the launch of Celine Beauté, fans of the brand can now experience the luxury and sophistication of Celine in a new and exciting way.