A pack of wipes on a table Credit : Towfiqu ahamed barbhuiya/ Vecteezy

Years ago, makeup wipes were one of the biggest trends in beauty, but in recent years, they have been dubbed outdated.

Although makeup wipes are still loved by many, a number of beauty lovers have turned their backs on these products. Here's why. 

What is a makeup wipe? 

It is important to define makeup wipes to understand why people don't use them. A makeup wipe is a single-use cloth or towelette saturated in face-cleansing or makeup-removing agents that you can use to get rid makeup and impurities from your face. 

Now that we understand what they are, here's the truth about makeup wipes. 

They do not work

We're sorry to tell you that although you may feel like this product is working to remove products from your skin, it's actually not. Instead of removing the products, makeup wipes only move dirt, debris, and makeup all over your skin, so you're not getting the kind of cleansing that your skin deserves. 

They can harm your skin

Multiple outlets and experts have claimed that makeup wipes can do more harm than good to your skin. Experts told InStyle that not only can the harsh ingredients in makeup wipes hurt your skin, but they can also cause micro-tears. They can also irritate your skin. The fragrance and preservatives can add to the irritation. 

They aren't good for the environment 

Many makeup wipes are not biodegradable. According to 100% Pure, on average, makeup wipes take 100 years to decompose. Clean beauty brand Kaia Naturals reported that face wipes, which are typically made of rayon and plastic resins, are "filling up landfills, clogging city sewage systems, and devastating the habitat for marine wildlife."

Although flushing these down the toilet might be tempting, please don't do it because they can wreak havoc on the environment -- plus they can cause issues with plumbing. 

It's also worth noting that the packaging for makeup wipes is not recyclable.