(Photo : Maniology)

Lace nail art offers a delicate, intricate look that can be achieved in various ways. Here are four different ways to get the lace nail art you always wanted.

Method 1 | Freehand your lace nail art

To create lace nails by freehand drawing lace, start with prepped nails, and apply a base coat if using natural nails. Next, use a striping brush to paint a black gel polish border around the entire nail. 

Then, use a dotting tool to add dots or create a crisscross pattern for a fishnet look. Cure the gel before applying the next layer. 

Mix clear top coat gel with black gel to create a sheer black color. Brush this mixture over the entire nail and cure. Apply a second coat if needed, then add a top coat and cure again. For a pantyhose effect, lightly buff the top layer with a buffing block. Wipe off any dust with an alcohol wipe, and you're done!

Method 2 | Use real lace

To create lace nails by wearing real lace on your nails, start by cutting a piece of lace for each nail. Wrap the lace around each finger to find a pattern you like, then trim it to fit the width of your nail and be slightly shorter than the length. 

Apply a base coat in a similar shade to your lace color and let it dry. Then, apply a contrasting color to all but the inner edges, leaving a "U" shape with the base coat showing. Apply a clear polish or topcoat and adhere the lace to the sticky topcoat, matching the lace cutout to the base coat near your cuticle. 

Clean up any overhanging fabric with small scissors, then apply two to three topcoats, covering all exposed lace. You can also use gel for a more durable coat. Finish with a matte topcoat if desired.

Method 3 | Use nail stickers

To achieve lace nails using stickers, try the Worallymy White Lace Nail Art Stickers. These stickers, sold for $7.59 at Walmart, are designed to last for weeks, making them a durable choice for your nail art. They come in a variety of elegant designs, allowing you to choose the perfect look for any occasion. 

To apply, ensure your nails are clean and dry, then use tweezers to lift the stickers from their backing sheet. Gently place them on your nails and press down with a silicone tool or a gloved finger. Smooth out any air bubbles and seal the stickers with two coats of top coat for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

Method 4 | Use a stamping plate

To achieve lace nails using Maniology's Lacey Details Nail Stamping Plate, which you can get for only $8, start by painting a generous amount of stamping polish onto the chosen design. Then, using a scraper card held at a 45-degree angle, scrape off the excess polish. Quickly roll the stamper head onto the design to pick up the pattern. Transfer the stamp onto your nail with a smooth rolling motion. Finish with a layer of Smudge-Free Top Coat for a flawless finish. 

The plate offers a variety of lace-inspired designs, allowing you to stamp elegance into your nails with ease. The possibilities are endless, making nail art both simple and stunning, whether for a special occasion or a casual day.