person with a colorful tip french manicure Credit : Kiryl Balbatunou/ Vecteezy

Spring is finally here, and we couldn't be more thrilled about all the new trends we're about to see. From fashion to nails and everything in between, we're hoping these suggestions can get you out of your slump. This spring, there is a nail trend for every aesthetic, and we're excited to get these manicures done this season.

Here are some of our favorite nail trends to try this spring. 

Modern French 

We love getting a French manicure, but it's nice to see the classic style take on new life this spring. The runways, as well as the everyday person, are playing up the classic. For some modern French manicure takes, we see the use of a different color for every tip of the nail or regular white tips with one pop of color. 


We are seeing both full-on chrome nails and chrome details everywhere right now. This trend will give your nails a very modern and edgy look. Countless celebrities have been seen rocking this kind of look, but it's up to you if you want to go full chrome or add some detailing. 

Cat Eye 

We are so excited about cat eye nails! We love them because they give your nails a shiny and reflective look. We love glitter, so this trend is super fun and high on our to-try list. You can try it with neutrals or one of the trending spring nail colors. To get this look at home, you can use magnetic nail polish. 


Balletcore, soft girl, and coquette have been trending aesthetics for the past couple of seasons, so we are thrilled they are continuing to reign supreme. Channel this trend by getting a manicure with bows, ballet slippers, or just overall pink. 


Minimalism has been an ongoing trend for quite some time now, and it's great. For those who don't want to do anything too fancy, this is an awesome option. Although minimalism often goes along with neutrals, this is not the case. Try getting a classic red manicure, a pastel color, or even white.