woman applying overnight mask or heavy moisturizer Credit : Greta Hoffman / Pexels

Beauty sleep is a real thing. Sorry to break it to you, but your sleep schedule can impact your skin, which is why we love overnight masks. Also known as sleeping masks, they are products created to be applied before bed to help your skin recover overnight. 

Overnight, sleeping masks work their magic on your skin. They often give your skin a moisturizing boost, but different masks have different benefits and help your skin with different issues. You leave these on as you sleep, and the next morning, you can either wash them off or remove the excess. 

According to Kiehl's, these make a great addition to your routine, but like any mask, you should only use this product once or twice a week. It is also worth mentioning that each mask has instructions that tell you how often you should use it and how to apply it properly. 

You've probably heard or seen the terms overnight mask or sleeping mask for ages, but here's what they can actually do for you. 


There are many benefits to using an overnight mask or sleep mask, so we'll break them down a bit for you. Just like any other form of skincare, these masks can be more general or cater to your specific skin concerns. We're going to go over some basic benefits. 

The first and most obvious benefit is that these will provide your skin with a deep level of hydration. If you ask us, your skin can never have enough hydration. As your skin gets the hydration it needs, you might notice a decrease in lines and wrinkles, according to AsianBeautyEssentials.com

Another benefit of using this type of product is that it helps your skin barrier. It can help restore your barrier while also helping you get rid of impurities as you sleep! Similarly, a product like this can help seal in moisture and protect your skin so nothing weird gets in it.