(Photo : Vecteezy / Oleksii Hrecheniuk)
Does it seem like the disconnected undercut hairstyle is right there every time you turn your head? That's because the versatile hairstyle gives you a polished sleek look. 

The Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is a bold hairstyle choice for men, featuring longer hair on top sharply contrasting with shaved sides. This style, popularized by countless shows and actors, offers versatility in styling, making it a statement look that can be classic yet modern.

It emphasizes hair volume and facial structure, making it suitable for straight, wavy, or permed hair. Whether you prefer a subtle undercut with short hair or a more dramatic length contrast, the disconnected undercut is sure to make you stand out with its edgy, eye-catching appeal.

Here are seven ways to style your disconnected undercut.


The slicked-back haircut with a disconnected undercut combines a polished look with trendy vibes, perfect for working from home. Apply pomade to your hair, then brush it back for a sleek finish. This style, popular among hipsters, suits oval or rectangular face shapes and is easy to maintain at home with the right products.


The pompadour with a disconnected undercut is a stylish haircut that adds height and volume to your hair. This classic style, popularized by rock 'n' roll rebels, features longer hair at the front styled up and back into a quiff, with the back and sides shaved closely for a modern look. It is ideal for round or square faces, balancing proportions for a bold appearance.

Short Coils

The short curly hair with a disconnected undercut offers a bold contrast between the clipped sides and the textured top. This edgy style, popularized by characters like Tommy Shelby from "Peaky Blinders," is easy to maintain with regular barber visits. Scrunch your curls and use putty or matte clay to style them for a voluminous look that suits most face shapes.

Long Curls and Man Bun

For a unique and edgy look, try the long curly hair with a disconnected undercut. Have your barber shave the bottom section while leaving the top long. When styled in a man bun or ponytail, the contrast between the shaved and long sections creates a striking look. Use a strengthening shampoo to keep your hair healthy and strong.


For a stylish look, try the side comb disconnected undercut. Instead of slicking your hair back, comb it to the side for a sleek finish. Use your fingers to add volume and shape, and apply a bit of putty to keep it in place. Keep your hair fresh with a cleansing shampoo that removes dirt and grease while leaving a cool, refreshing feeling.

Edgy Caesar

The Caesar cut with a disconnected undercut is a stylish choice for those looking for a cropped hairstyle with a fringe. This haircut features short hair cut high above the forehead, with the sides and back shaved closely. The blunt bangs of the Caesar cut extend slightly past the hairline, giving a unique and iconic look inspired by Julius Caesar himself.

Bold and Overgrown

The overgrown disconnected undercut pairs messy length on top with a shaved undercut below. Growing your hair to shoulder length can take patience, but the result is a bold, edgy look. Your barber can help manage the awkward in-between stages, and styling with a strong-hold gel or pomade will keep your long top in place.