woman using a face mask Credit : Polina Kovaleva/ Pexels

Fruit-infused water has many benefits, so it should not be surprising that fruit-infused skincare has just as many things to offer. We love masks and fruit, so combining the two just seemed natural to us. Plus, who doesn't want their skin to glow, especially as we transition between seasons?

Explore some of our favorite fruit-infused, glow-boosting face masks below. 

Sephora Collection Hydrating Face Masks in Blueberry

If there is something we talk about nonstop, it is how incredible the Sephora Collection face masks are. They are each fantastic, but today, we want to highlight its hydrating blueberry mask. This mask can boost radiance and is skin-perfecting. In addition to being compostable and vegan, it also uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin. 

Burt's Bees Brightening Biocellulose Gel Face Mask

Something we love about this face mask is that you are encouraged to keep it in the fridge or freezer, so it is extra refreshing. This mask uses mandarin extract, which has vitamin C in it, to help brighten your skin while also giving it a glow. It is also nourishing and hydrated. Made from coconut, the Biocellulose Gel Face Mask can and will stick to your skin without sliding off. 

Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Bubbling Paper Mask 

We love using this vegan and cruelty-free mask to help brighten our skin and give it a glow. This product uses a cotton sheet mask, and the formula bubbles up, so it makes for a fun self-care moment. Other than grapefruit, this formula also highlights vitamin C and oxygen, which can give your skin a deep and purifying cleanse and glow. 

ESW Spiced Glow Restoring Raw Juice Mask

This compostable sheet mask is cruelty-free and vegan and uses clean ingredients. Think of this mask as a juice cleanse for your face. It is red apple-infused, which can help your skin glow. Some of the other fruit and vegetable ingredients this includes are pear, beet, and cranberry extracts, which team up to help your skin glow while also leaving it feeling replenished and restored. 

Epielle Glowing Watermelon Mask 

We also wanted to feature a watermelon mask. This mask promises to be super concentrated, so your skin will get a boost in radiance. It uses a combination of watermelon and berry extracts to soothe dull and tired skin, leaving you with a glow.