woman blowing out a candle Credit : Ron Lach/Pexels

I know nail treatment candles sound a little wild, but we promise these exist. There are such things as candles that, once they are melted, can be used to provide your nails and your body with a hydrating and nourishing treatment. Just make sure you use the treatment after you blow out the candles.

Here are a few products to keep the room you're in smelling amazing while also helping improve your nails and skin. 

NEOM's Perfect Night's Sleep Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

Although this is not focused on your nails, it can be used on them as well as the rest of your body. This contains 19 different essential oils, such as English lavender, sweet basil, jasmine, and chamomile, which will invoke the feeling of rest and calmness. To use this candle, you need to let it melt, then blow out the candle before drizzling it all over your body. This has almond, baobab, and jojoba in it, which can help nourish and hydrate your skin. 

Butter London's Champagne Fizz Manicure Candle

This treatment is 100% vegan and smells like champagne, so what's not to love? The notes that give this a champagne scent include rose, violet, lemon, and mint (as if we couldn't love this more). This skin and nail treatment uses a combination of coconut oil and soybean oil to nourish and condition your hands as well as the rest of your body. It can also be used to massage and moisturize your skin. 

LUXMASA Soybean Wax Warming Massage Oil Candle In Caramel Whisky

Firstly, if Caramel Whisky isn't your vibe, do not worry; this candle comes in six different scents from which you can choose. Like the others on this list, you can use this massage oil candle on your nails, hands, and the rest of your body. It is also a multi-use item, and you can use it as a home scent, illumination, skincare, and for a body massage. It contains a nourishing, softening, and moisturizing combination of shea butter, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. The formula can also give your skin a glow and is easily absorbed into your skin. 

Maude Burn No. 0

Something that makes this product stand out from the others on this list is the fact that it is actually unscented. However, Maude does offer this candle in three other scents and two sizes. To use, pour it, apply it directly to your skin and nails, then massage it in. The texture of this is super silky, and it absorbs quickly. This formula has a super low melting point and uses ingredients such as jojoba and soybean oil to soften and moisturize your skin.