What Is a Makeup Mood Board
(Photo : Vecteezy / Benis Arapovic)

Sometimes your ideas just start piling up and become chaotic. There is one organizational approach you can do so that your creative juices don't end up in a confusing swirl -- a makeup mood board.

Makeup Mood Board

A mood board serves as a pivotal step in the development of a brand, bridging the gap between conceptualization and actualization of brand identity. It functions as a visual collage, comprising images, colors, designs, and fonts to narrate the brand's story visually. The primary objective is to encapsulate the mood, values, and personality of the brand, conveying its essence without reliance on words.

Mood boards play a crucial role in refining creative ideas and facilitating effective communication. They are utilized by a diverse range of professionals, including graphic designers, interior decorators, fashion designers, and photographers, to guide the visual direction of their projects. By presenting a cohesive visual plan, mood boards ensure alignment among team members and facilitate smoother project execution, ultimately enhancing the brand's visual cohesion and impact.

Using this concept, a makeup mood board can serve as an organized guide as you put your ideas together, plan, and choose your strategy to achieve a cohesive look.

Why you need your own mood board

Sure, professionals use this with all the participants in their team and whatnot. That doesn't mean there is no need for you to make your makeup mood board.

Putting up a makeup mood board is like creating an art project for the look you want to achieve! By using this tool, you can refine your ideas, while avoiding distractions and straying from your main purpose. This makes a makeup mood board a must-have tool!

How to make your makeup mood board

Creating a makeup mood board can be a fun and creative process, so there is no need to be intimidated by the picture-perfect ones posted on social media. But remember that it involves several key steps to ensure your look is both practical and expressive. 

Step 1 | Consider Time

Begin by considering your time constraints and the realistic projection of the time allotted for you to work on your makeup. If you are short on time, opt for a simpler, more efficient approach. This means that if you want to keep it simple, a suggestion from our experts is to choose your favorite feature and focus on that. Say, for example, your eyes. This means you'll be focusing on eye makeup more than any other area.

Step 2 | Data Gathering

Look up some photos for inspiration. Aside from videos, you can try looking for them in runway shoots, movies, and photo collections like those on Pinterest. Gather all these photos. It is your choice if you want these printed out or organized in a folder on your computer. Be decisive in filtering these photos until you only have around five concept photos for your focus feature. 

Step 3 | The Board

Arrange the final idea photos on a board. If you are doing this physically, you can pin it on actual boards or cork boards. If you are doing this digitally, there are some programs you can use, such as Canva. Make sure to add captions to keep your inspiration photos detailed.

Step 4 | On to Makeup

Next, check that your chosen base works on your skin type and color, prioritizing quality, especially when it comes to foundation. Then you can start experimenting using makeup and tools that you have or that you procured for your makeup goal. Using our example above, your makeup focus will be on the eyes, which means these are eyeshadows, eyeliners, and trending eye makeup. Researching about the makeup and tools needed and including them on your makeup mood board will help you get your dream look faster.