Sunless, Inc.Credit : Sunless, Inc.

Sunless, Inc. continues to push boundaries as it expands into a skincare line like none other.

The spray tanning company recently announced that it is bringing its same high standards in the beauty industry to a new line of skincare solutions. The newly minted brand, WellFit, targets your skin holistically, focusing on its health -- now and into the future.  

This skincare is administered with a customized spray system, living up to the standards of its parent company's legacy brand. The easy-dispense system evenly distributes the product, so you can better achieve even results.  

WellFit's system is comprised of three skin sprays, each one formulated for a set of specific results. Each two-minute spray session offers multiple benefits to what would otherwise be the run-of-the-mill, routine life experience of applying lotion to your body. 


Use the Hydrate spray to lock in 24 hours of uninterrupted skin suppleness. Over time -- and, honestly, after one treatment -- this product is said to help repair your skin's barrier, allowing the moisture injection from the spray to fully set and improving your skin's ability to stay hydrated.


The Lift spray is formulated to enhance collagen production. Since collagen makes up 30% of the body's proteins, it is important to work it into your beauty routine. While many people choose to use collagen as a supplement in their smoothies and as a topical facial skincare, the Lift spray offers it to help maintain younger looking skin. It also helps to stimulate cell regeneration and reduce the appearance of blemishes.


Recover helps you to wind down after physical exercise with an almost instantaneous cooling sensation, similar to your favorite post-workout balms. This spray infuses amino acids into your skin for a more vibrant look and replaces the electrolytes you lost at the gym.

The benefits of each formula's natural ingredients almost make the WellFit experience seem like the most miniature workout ever. If you are interested in the ingredients list, more information about the new line of products, or you want to get involved in working with the company to expand access to easy beauty and wellness solutions, head to Sunless, Inc.'s website

Sunless, Inc. is internationally renowned for its innovation in spray tanning and owns industry giants Mystic Tan, Norvell, and VersaSpa. Its application techniques are always ahead of the competition's, and it is a vertically integrated and ethically sourced company. Sunless' products are also as clean as it gets, catering to people with sensitive skin and allergies.