(Photo : Vecteezy / Yulia Gapeenko)

Another new trend, quiet luxury, has got us running off to the nearest beauty salon to get the "old money" blonde hairstyle.

What is quiet luxury?

Quiet luxury embodies understated elegance and refined taste, focusing on quality over quantity and avoiding ostentatious displays of wealth. This lifestyle trend emphasizes neutral colors from head to toe, as seen in hairstyles, quality fabrics, and structured logoless handbags. It reflects a shift toward sustainable and timeless fashion choices. Quiet luxury is about effortless elegance and lasting style rather than fleeting trends.

What is "old money" blonde?

"Old money" blonde is a luxurious hair color that strikes a balance between yellow tones and neutral hues, appealing to clients seeking a timeless look. This shade requires regular upkeep, making it a lucrative choice for stylists. 

The trend aligns with the current demand for natural-looking hair colors, reflecting the quiet luxury aesthetic popular on social media. Old money blonde embodies expensive-looking hair with rich shine, natural textures, and volume, drawing inspiration from classic Hollywood glam.

How to get "old money" blonde hairstyles

Achieving and styling "old money" hair is surprisingly easy and low-maintenance, contrary to its luxurious name. For old money blonde, aim for softness with a mix of cool and warm tones, focusing on brightness around the hairline. Old money brunette emphasizes richness with warm highlights and lowlights in copper, blonde, and ash shades. 

This trend suits all face shapes and skin tones, offering soft, voluminous styles like blowouts, natural looks, curls, waves, or a classic bob tailored to enhance your features.

Here are some "old money" hairstyles to consider:

Rooted Old Money Blonde

Rooted old money blonde is a stunning hair color technique that maintains the client's natural root color throughout, creating a beautiful contrast with the blonde pieces. This look offers a subtle root shadow effect that adds dimension and brightness. Experts use Moroccanoil Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener for foils, and a root melt via Moroccanoil Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Cream Color to achieve this chic and elegant style.

Warm-Based Old Money Blonde

Warm-based "old money" blonde is a sophisticated hair color choice that exudes warmth without appearing overly golden. This technique aims to replicate the simple, raw lifts seen in historical blonde styles, avoiding a flat end result. 

Experts recommend a formula that includes Redken Shades EQ for roots, lowlights, and mid-to-end, creating a multidimensional and timeless look that complements various skin tones. 

Old Money Blonde with All-Over Dimension

For people wanting a blonde look with depth and dimension, consider the old money blonde with all-over dimensions. This variation of the trend is perfect for those who want to steer away from a solid blonde look but still desire a distinctly blonde feel. 

To achieve this, use precision foils and tip-outs to create a blend that is undetectable yet offers a ton of contrast. Avoid overly concentrated subsections or V-painting/balayage techniques for a seamless and natural finish.