If you've gone blonde for the first time or are considering it, picking up a hair toner can and will make the process easy. You do not need to be blonde to use a hair toner; you can use one with any hair color. The whole point of hair toner is that it can help your color look non-brassy, which will keep your hair looking and feeling great. 

Even though it seems complicated, we promise toning your hair is super easy, and we're here to tell you everything you need to know about this product. 

What is a hair toner? 

Think of toner as a color corrector but for your hair. A toner is a hair care product that can help add pigment to hair and remove brassy tones or unwanted yellow tones. Experts told Elle to think of it as a "top coat" for hair. 

It is not exactly easy to get something that is just a hair toner. Toners are usually found in other hair products, such as conditioners, shampoos, and glosses, among others. Elle says they are all considered toners because they have pigments that can help correct your hair tone. 

There are many types of toners, but the most common ones are glosses, which are kind of like a mask for your hair that drops some color. The other most common types of toners are purple/blue shampoos and products. Blue and purple shampoos can both color-correct your hair's orange or yellow tones. 

What are the benefits of using a hair toner? 

Other than color-correcting your hair, there are many other benefits to using toners. One of the most common ones is that they give your hair a glossy finish. Another reason to love them, according to Nordstrom, is that they can condition your hair while helping improve your length. They can also make your hair look healthier and more natural (even if your blonde color isn't). We also love toners because they can stretch your time between salon visits. 

How do I use hair toners? 

There is no one answer because there are many products that include toning. Regardless of the product you are using to tone your hair, make sure you read the directions carefully. If it is used wrong, it can negatively affect your hair. It is recommended to do a patch test first to make sure that a toner is right for you.

Purple products are best for silver and blonde hair. If you're a brunette, go for a blue toning product.