When it comes to nail care, things can get a bit pricey, but they don't have to. It is possible to take care of your nails on a budget, and Target helps with that.

As fellow Target lovers, please don't come for us when you end up getting more than your nail essentials on your next Target trip. Here are a few of our suggestions for budget-friendly nail care essentials to snag on your next Target run.  

Trim Quality Stainless Steel Cuticle Scissors

When it comes to nail essentials, one key thing to have is cuticle scissors. These will keep your nails looking clean and your cuticles happy. It is important to note that these are for cuticles and not for nails. They are made of stainless steel and promise to be comfortable to use with your hands. To keep cuticle scissors ready for use, it is recommended to keep them lightly oiled. 

Olive & June Nail File

This is a basic item, but it's worth investing in a high-quality one. Everyone should have at least one or more nail files in their nail care kit. This comes with three files per pack, and they are so cute! Two of these files are designed for manicures, and one is a bit thinner and will help you level up your pedicure. One side says "#OLIVEYOURMANI" and has 100 grit, which is coarser and can be used to help get rid of gel manicures and stickers. The other side uses 180 grit, which is finer and better for shaping your nails. 

Plum Beauty Total Nail Care System

If you're looking to master the art of the perfect manicure and pedicure at home, you'll love the Plum Beauty Total Nail Care System. It's a battery-operated tool, but it's small enough to keep in your bag or suitcase. This product has five interchangeable attachments, including a shaping tool, precision shaper, cuticle pusher, buffing tool, and emery tool. So, it's basically an all-in-one tool that'll shorten your nail care routine and cut down on the amount of products you need. 

Japonesque Manicure & Pedicure Kit Limited Edition

This is a limited-edition all-in-one nail and foot care kit. It comes with six different items, which will take you through the manicure and pedicure process at home. You can thank us later for how much money you will save by picking this up. 

The Japonesque Manicure & Pedicure Kit has a fingernail clipper and a toenail clipper to trim everything. It also has cuticle scissors to help trim your cuticles, a cuticle nipper to remove cuticles, and a cuticle pusher to push back everything. Last but not least, it has a salon board, which has a medium grit so you can smooth and buffer your nails.