We love dry shampoo, and chances are, you do, too. The product is pretty much what our hopes and dreams look like. I mean, who wouldn't love a product that helps absorb dirt, oil, and grease from your scalp? Plus, washing your hair can be such a hassle; why not do it less?

Dry shampoos often use a base of alcohol or starch to help refresh your hair. According to WebMD, consider dry shampoo as a "hair freshener" rather than something to clean your hair. 

We could write a whole other article on our love for dry shampoo, but we will spare you today and focus on when you should actually use it. Sometimes, it can be tricky to figure out when you should be using dry shampoo versus your regular one and how often you should use it. 

Can you overuse dry shampoo? 

We do want to say that you can overuse dry shampoo, and it is not a substitute for regular shampoo. It was meant to be something you use in between washing your hair. WebMD said if you overuse dry shampoo, it can actually dry out your hair. 

Dry shampoo can also lead to buildup on your scalp, which is one reason why you should limit your use. WebMD said that if you don't clean your scalp, it can lead to inflammation and rash.

When should I use dry shampoo? 

Experts recommend using dry shampoo only once or twice a week.

Good Housekeeping cited experts as saying that one of the best times to try dry shampoo is at night because hair can absorb it at night. 

However, there are a few situations when dry shampoo is just easier to use than regular shampoo.

The Earthling Co. suggested using dry shampoo before your workouts because that way, it will work in real-time to combat your sweat instead of after. It's also totally fine to use dry shampoo while camping or traveling for a weekend away. Another use of dry shampoo is to help with styling and fix your hair mistakes.