apricot crush/peach fuzz makeup

(Photo : Vecteezy/veiks)

The latest buzz in the beauty world revolves around Apricot Crush, the reigning color trend for Spring 2024, according to trend forecasting company WGSN.

Following its designation as the color of the year by WGSN and Coloro, makeup enthusiasts are now seeing a surge of peach-hued products hitting the shelves and can expect to see more in the coming months.

This shift towards warmer tones follows a noticeable uptick in peach blushes last summer, as seen in a 2023 analysis by consumer trends firm Spate.

Now, major brands like Huda Beauty and MAC Cosmetics are acknowledging this trend.

"Apricot is showing up in beauty as a new take on warmth," Terry Barber, MAC creative director of makeup artistry, said. "It's an upbeat, modern version of using bronzer."

MAC's Tap Glow Play Blush and Squirt Plumping Gloss Stick in Hazard, Patric Ta's Major Headlines Double-Take Creme & Powder Blush in Do We Know Her, and Huda Beauty's Cheeky Tint Blush Stick in Perky Peach are among the makeup items that feature the vibrant Apricot Crush hue.

Pantone also endorsed a somewhat closely similar color by announcing Peach Fuzz (Pantone 13-1023) as its color of the year for 2024. 

Described as a cozy peach hue that fosters a sense of belonging and tranquility, it sets the tone for a season marked by rejuvenation and connection to nature.

Apricot Crush, identified as Coloro 024-65-27, is more than just a cosmetic trend; it's a symbol of optimism and resilience in uncertain times. With its versatility spanning across textiles, home decor, and even consumer tech products, this hue promises to make a lasting impression in various industries.

Clare Smith, a color strategist for WGSN, highlighted the significance of Apricot Crush in promoting self-care and emotional balance. Its sustainable appeal and gender-inclusive nature make it a preferred choice for brands seeking to resonate with consumers on a deeper level.

"Invigorating, mood-enhancing and vitamin-balancing hues align with self-care rituals, which have become ingrained in people's lives," she noted. "There is a focus on restorative colors that are mindful and help to bring balance into the everyday."

Meanwhile, Sansan Chen, managing director of Coloro, emphasized the enduring popularity of orange tones and their ability to uplift spirits. 

As Apricot Crush takes center stage in the year 2024, it signifies a departure from the cool blues and pinks of the past, ushering in a season of warmth and vibrancy.

Spring 2024 promises to be awash with Apricot Crush, offering a refreshing twist to makeup routines and reflecting a collective desire for positivity and renewal.